Everything You Need To Know Before You Book a Trip to Niagara Falls!

Hi Guys! So I’ll admit it. I was a #badblogger yesterday. I really try to have my posts ready the day before they go live so all I have to do is hit that “publish” button after a final review. But I’ve been so busy lately the posts haven’t been ready early. In fact, they’ve been thrown together by the skin of my teeth. And yesterday? I was totally thrown for a loop at work and simply didn’t have the time to write when I got home. So instead of stressing and throwing together something that was just so-so, I decided to take some time to relax, settle down from a long day, eat dinner and work on today’s post. Because today’s post is one that I’m REALLY excited about

A few weekends ago, my family and I took a mini getaway to Niagara Falls. And we LOVED it! But we went during prime tourist season. And we v. quickly learned the ins and outs of the area. You can think of today as a slight preview. Over the next few weeks, you’re getting a Niagara Falls series where I’ll be sharing all these tips and tricks in depth. But today? You’re getting it all in one handy, short, little post that you can screenshot just before you cross the Canadian Boarder. These are the things that worked for us, and the things we wished he had known before we wandered into the land of tourist traps surrounded by really beautiful waterfalls.

Here is Everything You Need to Know Before You Book a Trip to Niagara Falls! 

Don’t let the internet lie to you about cell service. Seriously. Everywhere I read said that I’d be able to pick up American cell service because the Falls are literally right on the boarder. This was true. 98% of the time we were at The Falls and our hotel (which was right on The Falls) I was picking up AT&T. But what everyone forgets to mention that the second you step just past The Falls, you’re SOL. And guys… it’s HARD to navigate without Google! So connect to wifi when you can, and start your trip in your Maps apps to make sure the route is already ready for you. (It will complete your navigation without service… you just can’t make any changes to it.)

Instagramming away cuz we finally service hahaha

The Canadian side really is better. Sorry America. You know I love you, but Canada wins this battle every.single.time.

Seriously, so much prettier. 

Be prepared to get wet. Seriously. Think layers, rain jackets and waterproof mascara. I promise… you’ll thank me later. (Even if you’re just planning to see the falls from the Table Rock Viewing Platform. You’ll get soaked from the mist.) Oh. And bring rain boots. I was the only one in my crew that did and everyone was v. jealous my feet were nice and dry while theirs were squishy and soggy!


Stay on The Falls. The perks outweigh the price. You’ll be within walking distance of everything you want to see and do, you’ll get killer views for the light show and fireworks, and, you can safely park your car.


Fallsview doesn’t mean a view of The Falls. Be super careful when booking your hotel though. We noticed that many places have the name “Fallsview” but are no where near the falls, they are just on Fallsview Blvd. I know I would be so disappointed to book a room at Hotel Fallsview only to find out I was looking at a Casino… not The Falls. So if you’re looking for a view like this…


just book the Marriott Fallsview and thank me later.

Buy the Adventure Pass. Even if you only do two of the attractions, it will pay for itself. Plus, you get through the line a lot quicker!


It’s going to be crowded… so just pack your patience.

Not that crowded yet in this shot. But you should have seen this street later in the afternoon.

The weather doesn’t really matter. Don’t be upset if you’re getting a rainy day while at The Falls. You’re going to get wet anyways, so you might as well embrace it! It was super cold and rainy while we were there, but it didn’t prevent us from doing anything we wanted to do. Plus, it gave us an excuse to buy the super snuggly Roots sweatshirts Trev and I have had our eyes on since our honeymoon.


Do something ridiculously touristy. Play arcade games at the Midway, overspend on Burger King just so you can say you ate underneath a giant Frankenstien, or go to a wax museum. (The best option, IMO.)

I just really love Gal Gadot guys. (PS… she was one of the best ones. Peep the Donald Trump over my shoulder. HAHA I can’t wait to share more from the wax museum so we can play a game of Guess Who!) 

And when you’ve had enough of Clifton Hill…

Spend a day in Niagara on the Lake. It will get you our of cheesy touristy land and into sophisticated wine country.

So sophisticated running barefoot through the vineyard, I know.

Know you’re going to spend money. Nothing is cheep in Niagara Falls… but did you really expect it to be?

“Gotta loveee that exchange rate.” Who can name the movie?! (One of my all time favorites.) 

Use the Incline Railway. It will save you literally hours. And your feet will be much happier. It’s also way cheaper than an Uber, and a lot faster than the bus!

TBH I thought I took a picture of the actual incline but can’t seem to find it anywhere. So heres a not so great shot of the view you get before you start up incline. 

A long weekend is just the right amount of time. We spent two nights there, but I think 3 would be the perfect! (Only because I wanted to spend more time in NOTL!) You can totally see the Falls in way less than that, or you can spend a lot more time there too. But I felt like I got to do everything I wanted to do spending only two nights there. And you know what two nights is… the perfect weekend getaway 🙂

Ice ice baby. 

Prepare to be awestruck. Simple as that. You’re going to be blown away by Niagara Falls!


Have you been to Niagara Falls? What tips did I miss?! Leave them in the comments below!

Did you miss my first post in my Niagara Falls series?! Be sure to check it out here! If you’re not already planning a trip to The Falls, I promise this post will have you booking your room ASAP.

Alright my loves. I’m off to SLEEP. I spent the day at a Splash Pad with a dozen 5 year olds and I am SPENT. I’ll be back tomorrow for another round of #WhatUpWednesday. I’ll see you then!


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  1. When I went there was a height and weight requirement for the boat tour and I was too small to go 😔 My dad and brothers got to go and my mom and I had to stay behind. Is there still a minimum requirement for the boat tour?


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