5 Michigan Fireworks Displays You Can’t Miss This Fourth of July

Hey hey! Happy Monday everyone! I’m back today to share 5 Michigan Fireworks Displays you can’t miss this Fourth of July! (Although I’m missing all of these and I’m super salty about it.)

I LOVEEEEE the Fourth of July. It’s my second favorite Holiday (only behind Christmas) because I love everything that it brings. Sunny days at the beach, small town festivals with petting zoos, carnivals, fried food, and fireworks. Plus, I’m always down to show a little love for my country.

This year, I’ll be watching fireworks in Ohio, but that’s not stopping me from helping you find the best fireworks displays in the Mitten State.

The National Cherry Festival. Tbh, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better festival in Michigan than Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival. I love going to it every year. There is always so many cool things happening, and they have the Blue Angels! (Never heard of em? Click here!) Their Fourth of July fireworks are the icing on top of a wonderful festival week, and you won’t be disappointed spending America’s birthday along the shores of Grand Traverse Bay. Learn more here.

Mackinac Area. Did you know there are THREE different sets of fireworks you can see near the Mackinac Bridge?! Choose to watch the Island’s fireworks, the Mackinac City fireworks or the St. Ignace fireworks. Worried you’ll choose the wrong one? Then watch all three! You can take a fireworks cruise with Starline Ferry and enjoy quite possibly the BEST fireworks experience in all of Michigan. Book fireworks cruise tickets here. And if you’re spending some time on the Island, click here to check out my Mackinac Island guide!

The Henry Ford. Why not celebrate the Fourth of July the way our founding father’s would have wanted you to? Think delicious picnic style dinner, the DSO and sparkling fireworks all while surrounded by the history that makes our country so dang great. This All American Celebration should be on everyone’s summer bucket list! Find out more here.

Grand Haven. Grand Haven is one of my favorite spots to catch some fireworks! I’ve never been for their Fourth of July celebration, but they put on a freakin’ show every year for the Coast Guard Festival, and I hear their Fourth of July fireworks are just as good! The coolest thing about this show is that it’s not just fireworks… it also includes their musical fountain! For more information, click here.

The Manistee National Forest Festival. I’ve gotta give my hometown a shout out. Our festival is small, it’s cheesy and it’s nothing grand or special. But I love it so.dang.much. Plus, it’s the best place to watch fireworks. Why? Because you get to sit on the beach and watch the sunset before the fireworks start. And nothing makes this girl happier than a Northern Michigan sunset! For more information, click here.

Not seeing a fireworks show in the area you’re in? Click here for an entire list on MLive!

Alright guys… I’ve had the world’s longest, crappiest day. Trev is on his way with Chinese food and I’m about to eat my weight in Sweet and Sour Chicken and bawl my eyes out at the last episode of The Office. I’d say “What should we watch next?!” But let’s be honest. We’ll pry just restart Parks and Rec. (It’s our pattern. I don’t know what we’ll do if Netflix ever gets rid of either of our shows!)

Have a great rest of your Monday everyone! I hope you’re all out having some Fourth of July fun for the both of us. I’ll be back tomorrow with the first post in my new Niagara Falls series!


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