Weekend Round Up

Good news guys… I haven’t melted away in this absolutely INSANE midwestern heat wave! This weekend was ROUGH heat wise, but picture perfect in every other way!

For the second weekend in a row, we had a weekend getaway! I seriously have so many miles under my butt these past few weeks! We were in Canada last weekend, I was in Lansing this week, we headed to Chicago this weekend, I’m heading back to Lansing tomorrow (taking my babes on a field trip to the Zoo tm. #prayforme), to Blissfield/Toledo on Tuesday for The Fourth and then back Up North this weekend! Say what?! Someone give me my own plane so I can stop riding in cars, please and thank you!

But, if you ask me, I’d rather be busy doing fun things than sitting around doing nothing!

Our weekend started on Friday as soon as I got out of work. Trev had the car packed and ready, we turned on some Small Town Murder and we made our way to The Windy City!

Chicago is actually a crazy easy drive for us, and not that far away. Tbh, I’m not sure why we don’t go there more often! Seriously. The last time I went to Chicago I looked like this…

I’m literally SO COOL. 

HAHA Those butterfly clips tho 😂

We rolled up to Chicago at 8:45 (gotta love gaining an hour thanks to time zones!) handed the car over to the valet, and headed out for some drinks and apps with my parents!

Fado Irish Pub

It was SO HOT, but the Irish Pub we went to was so much fun, I didn’t care I was sweating through my shirt. The live music was awesome, the food was fantastic, and the company was great!

Saturday we woke up with a big list of touristy things to do and see before we had to head to my Mom’s class reunion. (The reason we were all in Chi-Town!) It was sweltering  by 8 am… but you can bet your butt that we didn’t let that stop us. You ready to see some v. sweaty pics?! HA

We grabbed donuts at Firecakes for breakfast before walking down to The River Walk and over to Millennium Park!

Soooo yummy! But so big I couldn’t eat it all!







This was my first time visiting The Bean! It was so cool. Now I can totally say “bean there, done that.” HAHA (Don’t worry. I’m here all night.)

When we left Millennium Park we headed over to Navy Pier. We pretty much had the entire pier to ourselves! We walked around and enjoyed the views, did a little shopping and had some lunch!





DSC_0210 2.jpg

By this time it was noon and it was SO HOT. (The “feels like” was 106!) While there were so many other things I wanted to see, I was starting to feel the heat and feeling gross. So we headed back to the hotel, turned the air to 65 and all four of us took a nice long nap! (Totally lame. I know. But when it’s that hot, you’ve got to let your body rest!)

When we woke up we headed downstairs to grab a few snacks to munch on while we got ready for the evening ahead!


The whole reason we were in Chicago was for my Mom’s 35th Class Reunion. They did it up big this year and invited all the classmates and their families. (She went to a small Catholic school!) One of her old classmates owns a contracting company in Chicago, and he graciously hosted the event at his downtown building.

We spent the evening on the rooftop listening to an awesome live band, drinking, eating and dancing. We had the BEST time! Trev and I had actually planned on only staying for a little bit to say hi and heading back down to Navy Pier for the fireworks. But we were having so much fun we ended up staying the whole night!




Processed with VSCO with g4 preset

This morning we slept in and grabbed coffee and treats from Beatrix, the restaurant attached to our hotel. Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and check out 😦


But don’t worry… we didn’t leave Chi-Town without getting some deep dish pizza! After we checked out of our hotel, we headed over to Lou Malnati’s for lunch. Ugh. It was SO GOOD.




Then we said our goodbyes and hopped in the car to head home.

Want to see more? Head over to my Instagram (find me here!) and watch my Stories from this weekend!

Now, we’re doing laundry, cleaning and eating dinner before another week of work. I’m in a super sad mood tonight… I’m really wishing I was heading North for the Fourth like I do every year. But unfortunately, I have to work all week except on Wednesday. This whole Fourth of July on a Wednesday thing totally sucks!

How were your weekends?! Did you stay nice and cool where you were?

I’ll be back tomorrow for a Mitten Monday post inspired by The Fourth of July!

Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!



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