10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Banff, Alberta

Hey Everyone! Happy, happy, happy #TravelTuesday! I’m still riding high from my mini vacation last weekend, and I can’t quite get Canada off my brain. Which is fitting… because I’m sitting here eating a Dairy Milk Mint Crisp, sipping on some Konzelmann GEWÜRZTRAMINER (lol I’m super proud I remembered how to spell that one) and writing about my favorite place in the world, which just so happens to be in Canada.

This past week, two years ago, my hubby and I were honeymooning in Banff, Alberta. (I know this because Facebook keeps reminding me my life was a whole lot cooler two summers ago than it is now. Thx FB.) Also two years ago (can you believe we’ve been a blog family for TWO years now?!) I brought my very first Travel Series to Savannah Said It… A guide to Banff, Alberta!

I’ve been saving Banff for last with this “Instagram Worthy Spots” series because it is literally the most photogenic place I’ve ever been. And, it’s my favorite… and I’m a v. firm believer in saving the best for last.

I’ve thought long and hard about the 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Banff, and tbh, I feel like I’m leaving out so many gorgeous spots! But I challenged myself to keep it to 10! Are you ready for it? Heres my

10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in Banff, Alberta

The most perfect spot we’ve ever hung our hammock. 

Peyto Lake. This was easily my favorite place in all of Banff. Stunning mountains? Check. Bright blue water? Check. Perfect hiking trails? Check. You name it, it’s here. And it’s freakin’ magical.

#NoFilter You can find out exactly how we got to this spot in my Peyto Lake post! It’s linked below.

Lake Louise. Okay… maybe this one is the most magical place in Banff? If not the most magical, it’s definitely the most popular, and for a fantastic reason. Lake Louise is UNREAL. Seriously. A perfectly placed, gigantic French Chateau on a bright blue lake dotted with red canoes and surrounded by mountains? This is what Instagram dreams are made of. (PS… the best time to get a perfect photo here is at sunrise/ earlyish in the morning! The crowds won’t be there and the glow of the sun on the mountains is seriously dreamy.)

I mean… come on! This is literally just Mother Nature showing off! 

Moraine Lake. Wait… I lied again. This is the best place in Banff! (Okay. See my dilemma? Every single one of these places looks like a postcard!) Moraine Lake looks perfect from any angle. And it’s hard to compete with 10 gorgeous, snow capped, mountain peaks, colorful canoes, and that oh so famous bright blue water.

P1080141 2
And here too! If you could see my face here, I would have literal heart eyes. 

Columbia Ice Field. While this might not be the prettiest spot in Banff (technically it’s in Jasper, but #closeenough) it’s definitely the coolest. HAHA My dad jokes are so on point. Nothing will make you look cooler and more adventurous than a snapshot in a bright red chair on a freakin’ glacier! Plus, it’s the experience of a lifetime.

IMG_1984 2
Ice Ice Baby.

Mount Norquay Lookout. Do you want a stunning view of the city of Banff and all the mountains and lakes around it? Do you want that view without having to hike, and practically all to yourself? That’s what a drive up to Mount Norquary Lookout will get you. In this winter, the road is busy with skiers and snowboarders heading to the Ski resort. But in the summer, this lookout gets overlooked by many tourists. We loved this view so much we went multiple times, and each time shared it with only two or threeother people. It’s the perfect spot to set up your tripod and take as many photos as you want. There’s no one to feel awkward in front of… or ruin your photos!

I could have sat in this chair all day long. 

Anywhere along the Icefields Parkway. I’m sure you’re thinking, “A Road? Really Savannah?” And all I have to say is “Really”. The Icefields Parkway makes multiple “Prettiest Roads in the World” lists, and honestly, it’s because no matter where you look, you’re in the heart of one of this world’s most beautiful gems, The Canadian Rockies. Think turquoise lakes, ancient glaciers, valleys filled with seas of trees and giant, majestic, mountains. This road is everything, and exactly where you should be shootingpictures for the ‘Gram.

Quarry Lake. This one is technically in Canmore, but I’m including it because it’s where you’ll get a perfect shot of a perfect summer day in the Canadian Rockies. This is the lake where locals come and jump off rope swings, where you can picnic among the mountains, and you can always find a very good dog that wants you to throw him a ball or two.

The most perfect place I’ve ever had a picnic. 

Vermillion Lakes. Are you looking for an award winning spot to take a mountain sunset photo? This.Is.It. I took quite possibly my favorite photo I’ve ever taken here. This area is peaceful and beautiful and stunning and everything good about this world. I promise you that.

Can you believe I didn’t do ANYTHING to this photo? I didn’t even enhance it. Talk about perfection. 

Surprise Corner. If you’re in Banff, you kinda have to get at least one iconic shot! And while Lake Louise is for sure the most iconic in the National Park, the most iconic in downtown is Surprise Corner! This corner sums up the beauty that in Banff in one photo, so get out there and get snapping. Find your own viewpoint and get lost in the idea that you’re not in Canada, but actually at Hogwarts.

I can’t even imagine how magical this must look after fresh fallen snow. 

Having the Adventure of a Lifetime. The very best Instagrams from The Canadian Rockies are the ones of you having the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re hiking, rock climbing, skiing or canoeing, a photo of you leaping out of your comfort zone will be worth more than any amount of likes to you a few years down the road.


It’s pretty hard to take a bad photo in Banff. It truly is one of the most photogenic places in this world!

For more on all of these places, and the other things I love about Banff, click through the links below! (Or, just click if you want to see a bunch of really pretty pictures and get some serious wanderlust.)

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Icefields Parkway and the Columbia Icefield

Peyto Lake

Until We Meet Again, Alberta.

Crossing Off My Bucket List: Banff

Crossing Off My Bucket List: Banff Part 2!

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And from now on, every travel series will include a “most Instagram worthy spots” list 🙂

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Next week, we’re starting a new travel series! We’re keepin’ it Canadian, and heading to arguably the most famous spot in all of Canada… Niagara Falls!

Ugh. You guys… I’m wanderlusting so hard rn. I’ll be back tomorrow for another round of #WhatUpWednesday! I’ll talk to you then.


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