Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Hey there Loves! Happy, happy Monday! I’m coming to you from a tub of ice looking like a straight Lobster from my kids field trip today. (We spent 6 hours at the splash pad… and even though I reapplied sunscreen 4 times,  that sunshine was INTENSE!) BUT you’re not here to talk about how sunburnt I am… you’re here to talk about our weekends!

How was yours?! This was the first weekend since Memorial Day that we haven’t worked! We were super busy all weekend, but it was still nice to not have to work!

This weekend was a big weekend for us! It was Trev’s birthday and our anniversary! We started Trev’s birthday celebrations on Thursday (when his weekend began)! He decided that he was craving some BBQ Brisket Tacos from On The Boarder, so we headed for some yummy food, and even yummier tequila!


Friday afternoon, I took the birthday boy out for ice cream on my break! Because I’m a firm believer in no matter how old you are, you must have ice cream on your birthday 🙂


My weekend didn’t start until Friday when I got out of work. I had a hard day, because it was our last day of school! I’m still working all summer, teaching summer camp, and still have most of my class, but I had to say goodbye to SIX of my babies! It was tough! Our apartment smells awesome though now, because they all got me such beautiful flowers!


Once I got home we packed up and headed to Cabela’s so Trev could spend all his birthday gift cards. We left with SO many fishing lures!



Then we headed down to Blissfield to spend the weekend with Trev’s family. We stopped to visit our sweet niece as soon as we got there!


Saturday we slept in and woke up to rain. I was super bummed because I had wanted to lay out by the pond all day! So instead we headed to breakfast with Trev’s mom and checked out a few of the cute antique shops downtown.


When we got back, I got lucky to get in the sunshine for an hour and get through a few more chapters in my book!


Then I showered and we headed to spend the evening with our niece! We were on babysitting duty and we had so much fun!




Sunday we woke up and had officially been married for TWO years! Say what?!!! How has it been TWO years?! But before we could celebrate our anniversary, we had Father’s Day breakfast with Trev’s family.


After breakfast we headed home. We celebrated by hanging up our anniversary presents to each other (Totally obsessed with how our picture wall turned out! The picture doesn’t do it justice because I took it in terrible lighting! Find our frames here.), eating our favorite pizza, grocery shopping and cleaning (exciting I know) and then we ended the night with some pie in bed watching our wedding videos.





And now, our busy week has started. But it’s a short week for us because we leave on our weekend getaway this Friday!! So a quick heads up, no more new posts this week! I’ll be busy cleaning the house (my parents are visiting!) and packing forrrrrrr NIAGARA FALLS! I’m SO excited because I’ve never been! We’re spending the weekend between there and Niagara On The Lake! It’s going to be so great 🙂

So while I’ll be missing you all this week, know I’ll be taking tons of pictures to share with you next Monday!

See you in seven days my loves.


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