30 for 30

Hey Everyone! So today’s blog post is a little bit more personal. My handsome hubby (who is one of your favorite Guest Bloggers!) is turning the big 3-0 tomorrow!! And I wanted to take a few minutes today to celebrate him. I feel so dang lucky because I’ve been able to spend his last 8 birthdays with him… and even luckier that I get to be by his side for the rest of his birthdays too. So today, I’m sharing 30 (woah thats a lot) of my favorite memories of Trev, in honor of his 30th trip around the sun!

  1. The day we met. (Might was well start from the beginning!) He was working at my apartment complex and purposefully messed up my keys to spend more time with me.
  2. When he worked overtime to take me on a special date night. When we were first dating, we were poor college kids and most of our date nights included making dinner at home and watching a movie. That first summer he worked overtime during “turns” at our apartment complex so he could take me on a fancy date to The Melting Pot. It was SO sweet and I still want to cry every time I think about it. It meant so much to me!
  3. When he told me he loved me for the first time on the beach in Florida.
  4. Eating Lunchables in the car, driving through the Smoky Mountains after we got engaged.
  5. When he proposed to me on a Mountain in Tennessee.
  6. A random Sunday evening when we had just gotten home and I was feeling really down and sitting on the floor of our apartment sobbing because “our apartment was ugly, we’re poor and we don’t have a baby” and he gave me a pep talk, told me everything he loved about our little life together, then clipped my extensions on his hair and head banged to make me laugh.
  7. Hiking through The Tetons. 
  8. Our honeymoon.
  9. The time we went to the White Caps game and paid like $5 for lawn seats and got upgraded to sit behind the plate.
  10. The time we couldn’t sleep and were slap happy and stayed up all night reading Buzzfeed posts and crying from laughing so hard.
  11. When he got us kicked out of the bar on our very first date. 
  12. The day we found our Jacksy Cat.
  13. When we moved into our first apartment. It was sh*tty, but it was ours. We ate pizza on the floor and drank beer and were so happy to have a place that was our own.
  14. The time we rode bikes on Mackinac Island.
  15. Dancing the night away at My Bar.
  16. When we ran The Color Run. (Let me rephrase that. When we walked The Color Run. HAHA)
  17. Watching his team win a National Championship. I’ve never see him more proud.
  18. His first trip Up North. We had only been dating for a few days, and he came to celebrate Christmas with me and met my entire family. They all loved him instantly.
  19. Every annual trip to Frankenmuth.
  20. In fact, just every trip we’ve ever taken together.
  21. When we drank too many Dollar Beers at the Griffins Game and went ice skating downtown Grand Rapids.
  22. When we sat in the exact spot we got married one year later to watch the sunset and rewatched our wedding videos. Everything was perfect in that moment, and it’s still one of my happiest memories.
  23. The night he took me to The Presidents Ball.
  24. Literally every single time we curl up with our dinner in bed and watch Parks and Rec or The Office.
  25. The time we drove my jeep out into the middle of a corn field to look at all the stars.
  26. When we ate our wedding cake a year later.
  27. Last Valentine’s Day when I was SO sick, but refused to miss out on our Small Town Murder tickets. He took care of me, woke me up at 9 pm and we went in our sweats to watch our favorite comedy podcasters.
  28. Drinking Hot Cocoa and wandering around the Zoo Lights in Toledo.
  29. Doing puzzles and eating chocolate chip cookies on cold winter nights.
  30. Our Wedding Day. 

Happy 30th Birthday to the love of my life, my very best friend, anddddd the Peanut Butter Snickers of arm candy. Love you Babe!

And here is a ridiculous amount of pictures because I just like to look at his face. #noshame #30for30

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Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

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And if you made it to the bottom…

Have a fantastic weekend my friends! I hope the rain stays away and you can get out and play 🙂 I’ll be back on Monday!





2 thoughts on “30 for 30

  1. Savannah,

    I’m probably one of your oldest followers, but still young at heart.

    In the summer of my junior year at Michigan, I worked at Camp Michigana. It was the camps first year. There I saw a young woman that appealed to me. Unfortunately, I was told, she was “pinned”. With less than two weeks till camps end, she broke off her relationship. I proposed to Betsy on the first date, in December we become engaged. A year & half later, we married and graduated together. This August will be our 53rd wedding anniversary!

    Have A Happy!


    Sent from my iPad John F. Goodreau 12103 Wexwood Pl. N. Chesterfield, Va. 23236 804 539 1934



  2. I met the love of my life (Trevor’s Dad) in Higgins Lake Michigan….on our official first date I stood him up (not on purpose)..I called and apologized explaining the mix up..a few days later (In thoses days we didn’t have a cell phone). He asked me out and our first date was a wedding…we have been inseparable ever since. 38 yrs..dated four.. will celebrate 34 yrs of marriage this July. One of the best moments in our life was was the birth of our sons..Trevor our first.. Happy 30th Birthday Trev..we love you more than you will ever know..so proud of the man and husband you have become…I wish for you every dream you dream comes true.. Live Mom ❤️💜


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