The Best of Spring 2018

Oh Spring. The one season that is always just kinda “meh” for me. Don’t get me wrong… I love everything Spring is about. Sunshine, flowers, and baby animals make me so happy! Plus, I’m always ready to leave winter behind me. However, I always seem to have v. high expectations for Spring… and those expectations are never lived up to.

This Spring was cold, and rainy and honestly, I’ve never been more excited for Summer to officially be here! (So the first day totally isn’t until next week, but I’m celebrating a little bit early.)

Spring started out the way it always does for me… me being super salty and pouty because everyone I know is away on Spring Break and I’m still stuck in the tundra that is Michigan in the winter. HAHA

March began with a lot of Sunshine, which is totally uncharacteristic of Michigan in March!


And then, it decided to snow again… a lot. We spent most of our time snuggled in at home, working on puzzles and listening to Small Town Murder.


Trev competed in his first weight lifting competition!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

We discovered Blue Apron, and how much we love it.


We also spent almost every weekend in March with Trev’s family.


When April rolled around, we were itching for warmer weather, and adventures outside!

We started April celebrating Trev’s dad’s 60th Birthday!


We also celebrated our sweet niece’s first Easter.


We cheered on Trev’s Women’s LAX Team.


I had the awesome opportunity to work with FTD Florals.

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We hopped on the Hunter for Target bandwagon.

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We worked our first Tiger’s Game of the season. (It got rained out!)


We did a lot of Spring Cleaning.

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And I spent a perfect weekend Up North with my family.

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Before we knew it, it was May! 

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We had some date nights.


We went to Tulip Time!

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We watched The Royal Wedding.

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We celebrated Veterans at Tight Lines for Troops.

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I got the chance to work with Wayfair and make yummy fire pit desserts!


And we ended Spring with the most PERFECT Memorial Day Weekend Up North!

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We watched my cousin Graduate.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

We caught fish.


We saw a parade.

We watched some sunsets.


And we spent a lot of time out on the water… the most perfect way to begin our Summer!


Our last few months have consisted of busy weeks, and even busier weekends. And unfortunately, our days won’t be slowing down anytime soon. But tbh, we’d probably be bored if we were just sitting around at home! So bring on the fun, Summertime, we’re ready for ya!

What are your favorite memories from Spring 2018?? Want to read up on everything I just mentioned and more? Click the links below and start scrolling!

March 2018

April 2018

May 2018

Have a great rest of your Monday everyone! Who else is tuning into The Bachelorette?! I’m back tomorrow with another Travel Tuesday post you won’t want to miss!


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