Hey Loves!  I’m back with another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share with you all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Obsessing Over

The Bachelorette of course! I’m a hugeeeeee Bachelor Nation fan and I get so into reading all the recaps, listening to all the podcasts and scrolling through tweets about the show! I’ve totally read the spoilers, so I know what happens… but based solely on what I’ve seen from the guys, and their connections with Becca, I like Blake the best! I’m linking my favorite recaps here and here, my favorite podcasts here and here, and my favorite twitter accounts here, here, and here! Anddd where I read spoilers here.

What I’m Working On

So Trev and I have decided that every year, we’d rather get something we want together for our anniversary, rather than buy each other separate gifts. Last year, we bought ourselves a massive canvas from our wedding. This year, I had wanted to make a photo ledge to replace a gallery type wall that I don’t like any more. (It was perfect for us when we first moved into our apartment. But as we get closer to buying a house, I know I don’t want that hanging up anymore.) Well I got the BEST deal on frames from Michael’s over Memorial Day, and when I got them, they were MASSIVE. I’m not kidding… they were way bigger than I thought! So we decided to nix the photo wall, and go with a really clean “gallery” wall. No extra stuff hanging on it, just really big, beautiful, black and white photos from our almost EIGHT years together! We’ve been having so much fun scrolling through old photos finding just the right ones!

What I’m Excited About

We’re two weeks away from our little mini vacation and I’m getting so excited!! Our plans are almost complete, we just have to cross a few T’s and dot a few I’s before they’re perfect. Knowing that I’ve got this Weekend Getaway to look forward to is getting me through this v. stressful week I’m having!

What I’m Sweating To 

I’m trying out Blogilate’s 100 Squats a Day Challenge! So far, so good! It’s fast, easy, and I can feel it in my legs the next morning when I wake up.

What I’m Playing

I love to have a game on my phone that I can play if I’m sitting around and need to kill some time. Awhile ago, I was obsessed with 2048, and they just came out with a new version called 2048 Solitaire! Guys. It’s so good! But totally addictive. If you’re looking for a new iPhone game to try… this is the one. I promise! Plus it’s kind of math so basically it’s totally good for you to play for an hour and a half without realizing it… right?

What I’m Listening To

I’ve been LOVING the new Maroon 5 song, Girls Like You! How many of you love it too?! Plus, I really, really, really love the video!

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

It’s been a long day, and my dinner is done! I’m going to go eat, shower and snuggle in for some Office reruns. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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