Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday my loves! This Weekend Round Up is about to be short and sweet and kinda lame because I did nothing but work all weekend. Seriously.

Remember when I mentioned we didn’t have a day off again until the 16th? Well we’re one week in and I’m still kickin’! However, I may or may not be PRAYING for a really big thunder storm at least one day next weekend 😉

My weekend started on Friday night when I got out of work. Trev was working the Tigers game, so I was on my own again. I got my Culver’s and watched a whole lotta Friends.

On Saturday, we had to be downtown by 1:00. So we tried to get ourselves moving to get at least half of the things we needed to done! I was on laundry duty… my favorite. Because while it washes I can enjoy my coffee and watch Hallmark Movies 🙂


Saturday was a long day at the Ballpark. We didn’t get home until 9. We stopped at Penn Station for subs and ate dinner in bed while we watched The Office! (Literally my favorite kind of night!)


Today, we woke up extra early to grocery shop before grabbing breakfast and heading downtown. I was super pumped because I had a great view for the game today! It POURED until right about game time and the sun came out. It ended up being a beautiful day!


Now, we’ve got dinner in the oven and it’s time to relax for a minute or two before Meal Prepping and getting ready for the week.

I hope your weekends were MUCH more relaxing than ours! I’ll be back tomorrow for a Mitten Monday post that you’re going to love! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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