Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Happy Monday My Loves! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you, even though it’s only been a few days. I hope your weekends were SO GOOD that you’re waking up this Monday morning wishing it was still Saturday….

Because that’s how good my weekend was!

My weekend started out Friday night after work. Trev picked me up at school and we left from there. Our drive was filled with Small Town Murder, road trip snacks and a lot of laughs. Speaking of road trip snacks, what are your favorite?! We’re OBSESSED with these Dilly Bites!


If you’ve never had them you have to get them on your next road trip! They’re healthy and delicious!

My favorite thing about driving home is that we know we’re getting closer when the sunset starts getting prettier! I mean, look at this beautiful sky!


We rolled into my parent’s house after 10 and visited for a few minutes before heading to bed.

Saturday, my alarm was set for 5 am because IT WAS ROYAL WEDDING DAYYYY! I was so excited! And I was soooo not disappointed! How many of you watched the Royal Wedding?! What did you think?! I thought it was a picture perfect fairy tale!


While we watched the wedding, I started getting myself ready for the day. We were picking up Trev’s mom at 9:00 for breakfast! Soooo I finished watching the carriage ride on a live stream as we drove to her hotel. HAHA


Unfortunately, we woke up to a chilly, wet morning. (Not ideal for our Vets who were fishing!)  Our normal plan is to grab breakfast, then head to the beach to secure our spot to welcome the Vets back in from fishing. But since it was so rainy, we ended up shopping downtown, and then finding a spot along the channel to park our car and watch from there!



The rain stoped just in time for the Welcome Back celebration. So we got out of the car to wave our vets back in!




After all the boats were in, we headed downtown to TJs to grab some lunch, and do a little bit more shopping with Trev’s family.



After spending some time downtown we heading back home to relax. I was EXHAUSTED from the week (I had barely slept since Wednesday TBH) so I snuggled up with Jacksy Cat and Trev took a nap before it was time for our evening to begin.


We spent Saturday evening around the fire with my family! We were prepping for a super exciting post that you’re going to see Thursday! Eeeek I can’t wait! Until then, enjoy this picture hint 🙂


After the fire we visited my other grandparents and then headed to the casino with Trev’s parents.

Sunday we slept in and had Trev’s parents over for breakfast before packing up and heading back to Detroit. When we got home, it was time to grocery shop, meal prep and get ready for the week.

Lucky for us, this is a short week! We both took Friday off because we’re heading back Up North! I can’t wait to be back to my favorite place with my favorite people for an extra long weekend! It’s a big weekend… my cousin is graduating on Friday night! (The reason we took Friday off!) Plus we’re planning on fishing a lot, relaxing a lot, and eating… a lot. I’m already counting down the days until Thursday!

How were your weekends?! I hope they were just as good as mine! (Although I hope you head better weather.)

Alright my loves, I’m off to work! I’ll be back tomorrow with another Travel Tuesday post you won’t want to miss!


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