How To Throw A Royal Wedding Viewing Party

Hi. I’m Savannah and I’m obsessed with the Royal Family. In 2012, I was snuggled up next to my sleeping boyfriend (now husband) at 4 am glued to the television screen watching the most perfect fairy tale unfold in front of my eyes instead of getting some sleep before Trev’s big day. (He was graduating college!)

So of course, it’s safe to say I’m STOKED to watch another Royal Wedding. And since my royal invite apparently got lost in the mail (#rude) I’m just going to have to celebrate from my favorite spot in the world… my bed.

This Saturday, I’ll be setting my alarm and watching history from the comfort of my own bed (Klump Party of 2, y’all), but I know thousands of people will be heading to viewing parties with their other royally obsessed friends and family.

Below, I’m linking up my favorite finds from recipes to last minute decor that you can still get in time before Saturday! So get your tea, scones, English breakfast and champagne (you gotta toast the royal couple!) ready… here’s everything you need for a Royal Viewing Party! (Bonus… it won’t cost you 3 mill like the actual wedding.)



The Timing

This might be the most important part of this whole viewing party thing… remember The UK is 6 hours ahead of us in the Eastern Time Zone, which means your party would have to be awfully early in the morning. So, ff you’re planning to watch with your girls, might I suggest DVRing and holding off until brunch? I’m pretty sure your guests would prefer not having to get out of their beds at 4 am to make it to a party, just sayin.

The Invites

Now, however you decide to do view the main event, download these adorable invites from Etsy! (You can print them or send them in an email to your squad!)

The Attire 

This one totally depends on the type of party you’re throwing. A big brunch? Have guests come with their tiaras, gowns and jewels. Lo-key watching with your hubby in bed? (MEEE) Your PJs will do just fine! Or, meet somewhere in the middle with comfy attire and try these fun DIY Fascinators from The List TV!

The Decorations

It’s not a party without decorations! Head to your local party store for pretty balloon in festive colors (like red, white, blue or confetti) and then head to Amazon to get those last minute Union Jack touches, like a bunting banners and gift bags filled with British Candy and of course plenty of Royal touches… like Crown Cupcake Toppers, or these stupid cute When Harry Met Meghan ones!) royal jewels and  a Corgi or two!

The Photo Booth

Commemorate the occasion with a fun photo booth set up for your guests! Get our adorable photo booth props here, and learn how easy it is to set up your own photo booth here! Don’t forget some creepy yet hilarious Harry and Meghan masks! You can order some with Prime here, or you could simply print pictures of their faces (like we did!) from Google!

The Food

Having brunch? You can go all out British, or sprinkle in a few American Favorites! Might I suggest some of my favorites from past Savannah Said It posts?

My Favorite Biscuit Recipe

French Toast Bake Recipe (This Tastes Like Dessert!)

Egg Muffins (If You’re Looking For A Breakfast Option!)

3 Side Dishes You’ll Find At Every Edmondson Holiday

Or, take some idea from The Queen (of hosting that is) Martha Stewart’s Royal Menu!

The Drinks

If you’re thinking of anything else but Tea and Pimms you’re crazy. It doesn’t get more British than that! (However, I’d totally offer coffee, mimosas and juice too!) Find great Pimms Cocktail recipes on Pinterest, or here! Also check out this Bellini Recipe (My Favorite Brunch Drink!)! This past Savannah Said It post has some great Bellini Bar ideas I think your guests will love! Not wanting alcohol but want to be festive? Trader Joes sells a Lemon and Elderflower Soda!

The Games

What is a party without a game or two? Print out this Royal Wedding Bingo, Royal Wedding Celeb Spy Hunt, or, my personal favorite, The Ultimate Royal Wedding Drinking Game.

And Of Course… The Main Event

Be sure you know what time and where to watch the wedding! This handy guide to help tailor your interests, or check out the infograph below!


So my friends, are you celebrating Harry and Meghan’s love? (Or crying on the couch because Harry is officially off the market?! HAHA) You know I will be!

Alright my friends, I’m off to pack up and get ready for the weekend! We’re heading Up North and I’m so excited! I’ll be back on Sunday (hopefully!) with a Weekend Round Up!

Have a great weekend everyone!




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