10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in San Antonio, TX

Hi Guys! I’m super excited to be back today with another “10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots” post! I sat down last night to start writing this and couldn’t quite decide what location to feature next! We’ve done Michigan, Jackson Hole, Yellowstone and The Smoky Mountains so far. Today, I was feeling like we needed to shake things up a bit and… I decided we’d take it to the Southern Half of our great Country. Grab your cowboy boots, we’re headed back to Texas!

San Antonio made it’s first appearance on Savannah Said It wayyyy back in October of 2016. It was one of my very first Travel Series because it had been one of my most recent trips. And every few months, I find myself heading back to those posts to relive my short time in this amazing city. It’s a place where culture and history pulses through the streets and margaritas and chili con carne are a way of life, not just a Friday night dinner. And… it’s Deep In The Heart Of Texas! What’s not to love?!

SA might be one of the most Instagrammable cities out there. Since I visited, they’ve added even more gorgeous spots throughout the city that will make your feeds pop. But today… I’m sharing the classics.

So, without further ado, here are the

10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo. We might as well start off with the most famous spot in all of San Antonio… I can’t let Santa Anna down and forget The Alamo! I mean, did you even go to San Antonio if you don’t take a picture (or 12) at The Alamo? (PS… the color of the brick is PRIME for a cute pic of your sight seeing outfit. And the gardens outside make for really pretty pictures!)


The River Walk. Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ve probably heard of the San Antonio Riverwalk. And you’ve heard about it for a reason. The Riverwalk feels like it is a world away from the bustling city streets just above it. From malls to boutiques, entertainment to restaurants, The Riverwalk seems to have it all… and it is completely STUNNING. Good like trying to decide on just one photo to share on Insta. Everything is so pretty you’ll have thousands you have to choose from!


Eating Tex-Mex. The Alamo City DOMINATES in Tex-Mex cuisine. Like seriously. While other Texas cities hold the bragging right for the best tacos or best BBQ, there is no city that does Tex-Mex better than San Antonio. (Might I go as far to say it’s the Tex-Mex capital of the world?!) So grab your iPhone and snap away at your beautiful fluffy tacos, chili con carne and tamles. And make every single one of your followers hungry! (Check out a few of my favorite places to eat here, and a recipe for some amazing chili con carne here!)


Mission San Jose. Queen of The Missions, Queen of my Instagram lovin’ heart. Missions San Jose is the most photogenic and beautiful of all of the Missions. (IMO!) Like seriously… try to take a bad picture here. I dare you!


The Other Missions. The other Missions are gorgeous too and would make a great backdrop for your Insta photos. Be sure to check out my guide to the Missions before you go though. I think I could save you from wasting your time at some of the not as pretty Missions! Find my guide here.


Tower of the Americas. I’m all for taking a selfie in the most touristy spot in town!



Historic Market Square. Feel like you’ve made the 150 mile trip south to the Mexican boarder and get lost in El Mercardo. Yummy food, sweet little shops and fresh produce will make for a picture perfect morning. Emphasis on the “picture”.



La Villita. This might be the most charming spot in all of San Antonio. I mean those stairs are literally making me look like a heart eye emoji. This beautiful little art community was San Antonio’s first neighborhood. Think gorgeous buildings, brick streets and tons of little shops to visit. AKA… the perfect backgrounds for your Instas.


HemisFair Park. The most serene place in the city will be perfect for a “laid back, I’m so chill” picture of your vacation.


Anywhere Where You Can Show Off Your Love For The State of Texas! If there is one thing I know about The Lone Star State, it’s that it’s residents’ are so dang proud to call it home. So show ’em some love… that way you’ll for sure be allowed to come back and visit 🙂


So my friends, what did I miss?! What places in San Antonio are your favorite to stop and snap a pic?!

For more on all of these places, and the other things I love about this vibrant Texas city  (Or, just click if you want to see a bunch of really pretty pictures and get some serious wanderlust.) click the links below!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Missions
(My number one thing I’d tell you to do in San Antonio!)

San Antonio City Guide

Te veo pronto, San Antonio

Alright my loves, I started this post at 5 am and am just now finishing it. I’m tired, hungry and ready for bed! I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday! Have a great last few hours of your Tuesday my loves!


12 thoughts on “10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in San Antonio, TX

    1. Thank You! I only spent about an hour there one morning. It was so busy because of the coffee festival they were having! I would carve out more time than that though, because there were so many cool shops to explore. Enjoy your trip. You will love San Antonio!


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