Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Hey there friends! It feels like lately, these Weekend Round Ups are coming at you a day late more and more often. But this week, I legit had a good reason… it was Mother’s Day Weekend!

My weekend began Friday night when I got out of work. (Obvi. I know.) I was a lone ranger again because Trev was all the ballpark, so I spent my night my favorite way… at Target! Then, I grabbed some Culver’s (I feel like I’m writing the same paragraph week after week! I know… I’m a creature of habit.) and snuggled in at home to catch up on all my shows I’d missed so far this week.

It was POURING out, so after I ate I opened up my bedroom window and snuggled into bed with a Kitkat, a book and the newest issue of the Magnolia Journal and chilled while I listened to the rain. Side note, it was extra awesome that I got a real rain storm to fall asleep to and not my Sleep Sounds from Alexa. (Which don’t get me wrong, I love!)

Wild Friday Night!

Trev got home way earlier than expected because the game got rained out… but I was already sound asleep by the time he got here. It had been a long week, and going to be early was just what I needed!

We woke up early on Saturday because we were heading to meet my parents in Holland for Tulip Time! We had the BEST time celebrating my Mama for Mother’s Day and wandering through the Tulips! (Be prepared for picture overload!)

Tulip Time with my Beautiful Mama!

We started our morning out at Veldheer Tulip Farms. There were SO.MANY.TULIPS. And they were so pretty! It was rainy and cold, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful blooms!





After the Tulip Farm we headed to Windmill Island Gardens to see more Tulips and an authentic Dutch windmill. Snapple Fact: This was the very last windmill to leave Holland.



Next, we headed downtown to check out Window on the Waterfront and New Holland Brewing to grab lunch. The food was delicious and the beer was even better!




After lunch we headed to the Dutch Market (which was a total dud) and then to Nelis Dutch Village which was totally cheesy and totally awesome. We played with baby goats, watched traditional dutch dancing, saw mesuem exhibts, watched them carve wooden shoes and ate a ton of Stroopwaffles. (We also bought a bunch to take home and I’m eating one as we speak. hahaha)



We had dinner before saying our goodbyes and heading our separate ways. I was super sad that I wasn’t going to be with my Mom on Mother’s Day this year, but so grateful we got to have such a fun day together!

Sunday we were up early again, and this time to head to Blissfield. (We got a lot of miles under our butts this weekend!) We spent the day with Trev’s family celebrating Mother’s Day with a yummy dinner. And guys… I of course have zero pictures of this that aren’t of my niece. I just love her to much to focus on anything but her when she’s around. Soooo here’s some really blurry pics of a really cute baby.





When we got home Sunday evening we took a quick walk, meal prepped, showered up and headed to bed.


And today? Well… it’s a Monday. Need I say more? We’re already counting down the days to next weekend, because we’re heading North for Tightlines! (Be sure to check out my second post from today to read more about it! It’s a really great charity event!)

How were your weekends?! I hope all you Mama’s out there were spoiled, and your families let you know just how much you mean to them!

Alright guys. Have a great rest of your Monday, and don’t forget to check out my second post of the day here! I’ll be back tomorrow with a Travel post you won’t want to miss. I’ll talk to you then!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

  1. Beautiful pics of Holland.. thank you for spending Mother’s Day with me..it ment more than you know..having all my kiddos together for the first time in years on Mother’s Day was a true gift. Love ya


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