10 Most Instagramable Spots in the Smoky Mountains

Hey hey! Happy Travel Tuesday my loves! It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve gotten the chance to talk Travel with you. So think wayyy back a few weeks. Remember how I started that new travel series?! The one about the Most Instagramable Spots in some of my favorite places?

Like it or not, your vacation (whether just around the corner or millions of miles away) probably didn’t actually happen if you did’t ‘Gram it. And that photo you posted? Well it better be eye catching.

Instagram has quickly become the inspiration we all turn to when planning our next trip. Because let’s be real, we all get some serious wanderlust just scrolling through our feeds. One of my favorite things to troll Insta for? Bright blue water, sandy beaches, endless forests, deep canyons and snow capped mountains (so many mountains). The hastags #Travel #Travelgram and #TravelTuesday are easily the reason I spend almost an hour every night in bed scrolling.

So for the next few weeks, I figured, why not help my friends out? If I’ve featured a place on this blog’s travel section, I’ll be sharing my Top 10 places in that location to snag a photo worthy of your Insta Feed.

Ahhhh it’s all coming back to you now. Well today, I’m sharing the next installment in my series!

Alright my friends. Who is ready to make all your friends, family, social media followers jealous? Grab your filters (LOL JK none of these photos have filters) and get ready… today, I’m sharing the 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in America’s most visited National Park… The Smoky Mountains! 

The Smoky Mountains first made their appearance on Savannah Said It in March of last year. But it’s been one of my favorite places to visit since I was a little girl. This place is beautiful, and unique and every time I think about it, it makes me smile. And no… not just because I got engaged there (although, that’s part of why I love it so much!) but because this place just makes you happy. Miles of mountains, adventure around every corner, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet help to The Great Smoky Mountains the perfect getaway.

So, without further ado, here are my…

10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots in The Great Smoky Mountains!

The Parking Lot at Clingman’s Dome. We’re starting out with the easiest spot to get a crazy awesome view… a freakin’ parking lot. I’m not even kidding! Yes, the view from the top of the dome is amazing, but you can fool literally all your followers letting them thing you hiked to this view when really, you’re just steps away from your car.

Literally took this from the car. Not even joking. 

Charlies Bunion.  Charlies Bunion is my favorite hike in the Smoky Mountains. Maybe it’s because Trev proposed on this hike… but I promise you, this hike has THE best views. Don’t let the gross name fool you, this view is INSANE, and the hike is relatively easy. This hike is really popular, so you’ll want to get up early or pack your patience to get just the right photo. But trust me… in the end, it’ll all be worth it!

Trev on top of the Bunion! 

Cade’s Cove. This is easily the most photogenic spot in all of The Smoky Mountains. Like, I dare you to try to take a bad picture here. It’s freakin’ beautiful. And there’s bears.

One of my favorite pictures from that trip!

Roaring Fork Motor Trail. I decided to just put the entire trail on this list because it’s so pretty. No matter where you decide to pull over, you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful photo worthy of thousands of Instagram likes. Also, this trail just feels like Tennessee. You know how sometimes, you have a picture of what a place is like in your brain? That’s what Roaring Fork is. It’s lush forests, waterfalls and Smoky Mountain views are 100% what my version of Tennessee looks like.


Newfound Gap Road. Keeping with the road theme, Newfound Gap Road (the main highway through The Smoky Mountains) is easily one of the prettiest roads I’ve ever been on. (I wish I could say the prettiest, but I can’t. I’ve been on The Icefields Parkway…) But have you ever seen those really awesome shots of people skateboarding down a beautiful road on your feed and just been totally awestruck? You can totes take that picture here. (When we went on this vacation, blogging wasn’t even a blip on my radar yet… so I wasn’t seeking perfect photos. If I had been? You can bet I’d have walked down the middle of this road in at least one spot!)


Laurel Falls. Or any waterfall in the Park will do! And don’t forget to pair it with a TLC lyric. #90sBaby4Lyfe (PS… Laurel Falls is SUPER popular. So if you’re hoping for a waterfall photo without people in it, this might not be the one for you.)


Chimney Tops Trail. Every thought it’d be awesome to have a picture literally in the clouds? Then Chimney Tops is the trail to do it on. Or maybe you just really, really, really, really like stairs. There’s a lot of those too.


Gatlinburg. Downtown Gatlinburg is the CUTEST little town! I know a lot of people think it’s “touristy” but that’s what I like so much about it. While the downtown might not be as picturesque as rocky mountain towns like Banff, it’s charming in it’s own right. So grab a picture of you shopping in the Village, eating at the Brewery or drinking at…


Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery. You didn’t go to Tennessee if you didn’t drink Moonshine. So head to the hollar and get your drink on legally. And take pictures of yourself doing it.


Having an Adventure. The very best Instagrams from The Smokies are the ones of you having the adventure of a lifetime. Whether you’re hiking, rock climbing, ziplining or white water rafting, a photo of you leaping out of your comfort zone will be worth more than any amount of likes to you a few years down the road.

If you look closely, you’ll see a big deer behind me! Just over the top of my back tire!

It’s pretty tough to take a bad photo in the Smoky Mountains!

So my friends, what did I miss?! What places in The Great Smoky Mountains have completely stolen your heart?

For more on all of these places, and the other things I love about America’s most visited national park, click through the links below! (Or, just click if you want to see a bunch of really pretty pictures and get some serious wanderlust.)

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See Y’all Soon, Smoky Mountains.

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Alright my loves, it’s been another long day here in my world. I’m ready to head out to the porch, crack open my boom chugga lugga and enjoy every last bit of the sunshine.

Have a fantastic rest of your Tuesday everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday!



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