Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Happy Monday my Friends! You guys… I had the BEST weekend and literally didn’t want it to end. So instead of writing my Weekend Round Up last night, I decided to ride out the weekend until the v. last second!

My weekend started on Friday as soon as I got out of work. I was the last one out, so I started my trip North pretty late. I got stuck in a miserable traffic jam, but I didn’t mind. I had my music and my podcasts to get me through it! I actually ended up making pretty decent time and rolled into Manistee around 10:00.

Where these precious little faces were waiting for me!


I stayed up and chatted with my parents, checked out my new Magnolia cookbook that was waiting for me (I like to ship packages to my parent’s house so I know they won’t get stolen) and snuggled in to bed.

On Saturday, we slept in then hopped in the truck to head to my favorite place… The Leelanau Peninsula!


We walked the beach looking for Petoskey stones in Glen Haven.


I got my Cheese Shanty fix in Fishtown.


And we got tons of goodies for Trev at Cherry Republic in Glen Arbor.


We got home JUST in time to watch Trev’s girls kick some serious butt in their Lacrosse game! I was SUCH a proud wife. Their win meant they are co-champs of their league, AND they became the Number 1 Seed in the playoffs this weekend!


After the game we headed to visit my Grandparents, then to my favorite place for dinner, TJ’s Pub! I (of course) ordered The Cubano and a piece of Peanut Butter Pie!


After dinner we visited with my other Grandparents then caught the end of a sunset.


On Sunday I woke up and was SO SAD my weekend was already over. I love being home so dang much. Luckily, we’re heading to Manistee TWO weekends in a row this May, and one of them is for an extra long weekend!

My parents and I laid around, packed up my car, and had Big Al’s for lunch before they sent me off with SO many goodies for Trev, Jacksy Cat and I.

Also, side note, can we just talk about how great my parents are?! They’re the kind of parents that got a pack of Starbursts, and saved all the pink ones for me to eat on my way home because they know they are my favorite. They’re the best.


It took FOREVER to get home, because I got stuck in some serious traffic jams. I was so happy to get home back to my boys!


Trev and I spent the rest of the evening eating dinner and then working on getting pieces of my kids Mother’s Day project put together.


It was SUCH a good weekend, but it flew by way too fast! I’m still “on hold” about next weekend. I may or may not be road tripping to Georgia to see Trev’s girl’s play. I’ll keep you updated, because if we’re making a last minute trip South, my posts for the week might look a litttttle bit different than planned!

How was your weekends? I hope everyone got out there and enjoyed the sunshine!

Have a great Monday my loves. DWTS is back tonight!!!


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