What Up, What Up my friends?! Another week, another Wednesday. And that means, it’s time to tell you Whats Up in my life! I suppose I should start out with where the heck I was yesterday since ya know, I was a #badblogger.

What I’m Up To / Why I Missed Yesterday’s Post

Guys… this week has been literally crazy for me. Sunday night when I was laying down for bed I thought I had everything under control but dang was I wrong. I completely forgot that this is the last week of the month, and I would be at work super late last night for a staff meeting. I also got done super late on Monday night and I just totally didn’t have my post ready to go. And since it’s a post I’m excited about, and I didn’t want to half ass it. So you’ll get it next week, when it’s done and something I can be proud of posting!

What I’m LOLing At

It’s April 25th, the most perfect day of the year! (I can’t let this day pass without thinking of one of my favorite movies, Ms. Congeniality!)


What I’m Watching 

Alright friends, who else has been watching the Trading Spaces reboot?! I’m not so sure how I feel about it… I’m like really happy the designers are all back and they’re gracing my TV screen again. But now that we’ve got HGTV and have been introduced to Joanna Gaines, all of their designs have been falling seriously flat for me. Maybe I’m just not up with what’s cool in home design, but to me, whatever has been on those walls lately isn’t it.

What I’m Wearing

I’ve been wearing my little Hunter for Target boots NON STOP. It’s been super rainy/snowy here ever since I got them, and they’ve been the perfect addition to my wardrobe! If you happen to see a pair while wandering around Target SNATCH THEM UP. Because I promise, you’ll love them too! If not, you can find the real deal here.

What I’m Celebrating

Do you know what week it is?! It’s National Parks Week! It’s a week to get out and explore the best of what our beautiful country has to offer. See some of my past posts on a few of my favorite National Parks below!

The Great Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountain City Guide

National Park Hiking Guide: The Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Things To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Hiking

Smoky Mountain Itineraries Part 1

Smoky Mountain Itineraries Part 2

See Y’all Soon, Smoky Mountains

Jackson Hole, WY

Grand Teton National Park; Bradley, Taggart and Phelps Lakes

Jackson Hole Scenic Drives

Granite Hot Springs and the Jackson Hole Rodeo

Cascade Canyon


That Time Wyoming Stole My Heart…

Sleeping Bear Dunes

The Pictured Rocks

What I’m Excited About

THIS WEEKEND!!! I’m going HOME to see my family for the first time in month and a half and I can’t wait! We’re spending the day in one of my favorite places in the world so I can get my Cheese Shanty fix, I’ll get to see my grandparents, I’ll get to play with my puppies and check out my dad’s new boat! I’m SO ready for a weekend at home. I’ve been really stressed lately and a weekend Up North is exactly what I need. I’m just sad Trev can’t come with me! (His LAX girls have their last home game, so he’s gotta be there for his Seniors! PS… Send them good vibes for a big win on Saturday!)

So my friends, What’s Up in your lives?!

I’m back tomorrow with another Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring Cleaning! Be sure you’re subscribed to get it delivered to your inbox the second I post!


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