5 Can’t Miss Festivals In Michigan This Spring

You guys… it is SO nice outside today! It’s making being inside IMPOSSIBLE. I just want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

I’m sitting here dreaming of walking through tulips, drinking my way through craft beer booths and saluting Veterans that have served our country as they come in from a day of fishing on the lake.

Michigan ALWAYS has festivals going on. Honestly, sometimes I think the entire state is a little bit “Stars Hallow-y” in the fact that you can find festivals for just about anything, any month of the year. And while Spring might not be our prettiest, busiest season, we do have some festivals that you can’t miss!

Today, I’m sharing both nationally known festivals and festivals that may only be known by the locals because each of these festivals will take you on an adventure to some of my favorite places in the state!

5 Can’t Miss Festivals In Michigan This Spring 

Tulip Time. Well… I might as well start with the most well known festival on the list, Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan! Every Spring 4.5 MILLION tulips show their colors in this little beach town and let me tell you… WE ARE HERE FOR IT. With rows and rows of colorful tulips, you’ll feel like you’re in the Netherlands, not only just a 3 hour drive from Chicago. I’m planning our trip to Tulip Time right now, and I seriously can’t wait! I haven’t been in ages! Will I be seeing you there Saturday May 5th- Sunday May 13th?! (Let me know in the comments below!)

Beer and Brat Festival. Next up is my personal favorite festival on this list… The Beer and Brat Festival at Crystal Mountain! Only a short drive from Manistee (the perfect place to celebrate your Memorial Day Weekend, IMO) you’ll find Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa. And while they’re known for their ski hills in the winter, and golfing and adventure courses in the summer, Spring at the mountain is synonyms with one word… CRAFT BEER. (Ok. Maybe that’s two, but you know what I mean!) I look froward to this festival every year because my favorite Michigan Breweries are all there with giant kegs of their most popular summer beers, and so are all my favorite “meat people” with their delicious brats! (Think Maxbauers and their White Cheddar Asparagus brats that have a cult like following.) Get your tickets now to save $10 per person! Click here for tickets and more information on this Memorial Day Weekend event!

Morel Fest. Alright all you ‘shroom lovers, this ones for you. (And by ‘shrooms I mean the morels not the drugs.) Every year, Northern Michigan’s forests are over run by Morels, one of the most desired mushrooms in the world. You’ll find the National Morel Festival in Boyne City (head here for more information!) or the smaller, more “hometown” Mushroom Festival in Mesick. (Click here for more information!)

Tightlines for Troops. So this one is less of a festival and more of an event. I talk about Tightlines every year and this year will be no exception. I just think it’s such an amazing event to say thank you to our local heroes. You can read my entire blog post on it here! Another reason this one makes the list? You’re going to be in one of my favorite places in the world… Manistee, Michigan! My hometown is the PERFECT place for a weekend getaway! (Click here for any post I’ve ever done on Manistee and get ready to scroll… there’s a lot!) Come to Manistee May 18th-19th, and learn more here.

Empire Asparagus Festival. And last, but certainly not least, is the smallest festival on the list. The Empire Asparagus Festival is literally exactly what it sounds like. And while there are bigger and better Asparagus Festivals around the state, none of them boast The Sleeping Bear Dunes as their location like this one. So stop in, eat some asparagus and then spend the rest of the weekend exploring The Sleeping Bear Dunes and Leelanau Peninsula! Visit the Empire Asparagus Festival May 18th-21st and learn more here.

So… what festivals are you looking forward to this Spring?!

Alright. So this post is going up WAY late because I had a long day and when I got home I just wanted to snuggled on the couch with Trev and Jacksy and watch The Office and eat my weight in Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts! So have a great rest of (what’s left) your Monday everyone! I’m back tomorrow with another Travel Tuesday post that you won’t want to miss!


2 thoughts on “5 Can’t Miss Festivals In Michigan This Spring

  1. I went to the beer and brat festival last summer and was so much fun!! Went to the tulip time festival for the first time this year and also had such a good time! will have to check out the others 🙂


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