Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunny Sunday Everyone! I’m snuggled up on my couch, watching The Office with a full belly and sunshine POURING in to our living room. If this isn’t the most perfect way to end a busy weekend, then I don’t know what is!

It’s been a great weekend but honestly, it went by SO fast. My weekend started out almost exactly like last weekend.  I got out of work earlier than expected (score!), but I was on my own for the evening (boo!), because Trev was working the Tiger’s Game.

So instead of our usual date night, I was flyin’ solo! I grabbed Culvers for dinner and unwound from the work week by watching a little Friends! I spent the rest of my Friday night cleaning the house and baking banana bread! I used this recipe from Pinterest! I only had 3 bananas but it still turned out SO yummy!!

Party Animal on a Friday Night.

When Trev got home he has some fantastic news… we didn’t have to work the Tiger’s game on Saturday! (They were overstaffed.) So we quickly bought some tickets for Super Troopers 2 on Saturday afternoon and then snuggled in for bed.

Saturday Morning Snuggs

When we woke up on Saturday, Trev’s family mentioned they weren’t working and if we weren’t we should come down for the afternoon. So we exchanged our Tickets, planned our meals for the week, grocery shopped then headed down to Blissfield.

Date Day: Meijer Edition. (PS… Do you have a Meijer where you live? It’s literally the greatest store and I don’t know how everyone outside the midwest lives without it!)

We loved getting to spend some time with our sweet little niece!

She sure does love her Uncle Trev! 
Literally the only time chewing on your toes could be THIS CUTE.

We ended up getting home really late on Saturday night, so we went to sleep almost immediately… we had to be up early for the Tigers game!

Today was my first day back at the ballpark (since my last two games were postponed!) and it was SO much fun! However, I was in a super shady spot and FROZE MY BUTT OFF. I swear, my fingers are STILL trying to thaw out while I type this!

We Back!

And tonight? We’re meal prepping and getting ourselves ready for the week. This week is going to absolutely DRAG by for me because I’M FINALLY GOING HOME ON FRIDAY!!! I’m SOOOOO excited to be heading. It’s been more than a month and I can’t wait to squeeze my family and smother my puppies with love anddddd get my Cheese Shanty fix!

Alright my friends. I’ll be back tomorrow for #MittenMonday! Can’t wait to talk to you then.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and got to enjoy the sunshine!



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