Weekend Round Up

Ohhhh Sunday. Why’d you have to get here so quick?! I seriously feel like the weekend just started and here I am, already writing my Weekend Round Up. We’ve had a great weekend, but TBH, I feel like I got nothing done. (Although my closet might say otherwise!)

Two weeks ago, I was bit by the “Spring Cleaning” bug, and let’s just say, we took it to the extreme this weekend! But before we can talk about that, we gotta back track to Friday!

I had the WILDEST Friday night you guys! In fact, it was so nuts I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves…


LOL LOL LOL I literally sat in the bathtub with my bath bombs and listened to podcasts before crawling in bed at 8 pm. Trev had a work banquet that I couldn’t make it to because I got out of work too late. So I was a lone wolf. I got Culvers, took a bath, and watched a bunch of Hart of Dixie. It was a perfect Friday night!

Saturday we slept in and did our grocery shopping before coming home to start our Spring Cleaning process. The first thing we needed to do? Clean our freakin’ closet. We both had SO MANY CLOTHES and we literally wear the same 5 outfits on repeat. I was trying to find my Tigers shirt the other day when I found a bunch of clothes I got senior year of high school that I legit never wear anymore and have no idea why I have them in my adult apartment.

So we turned on some Small Town Murder and got to sorting! It’s step one in our “makeover our wardrobes” plan! I’m going to do an entire post on Spring Cleaning Your Closet later this month. So I promise, I’ll talk more about this then!

Find the Jacksy Cat!

Let’s just say we have literally 15 bags of clothes to donate, and 3 bags of clothes we needed to throw out because they were so bad!

It took us the entire afternoon to clean out our closet. When we finished we got dressed and headed out for date night! We were tired and didn’t feel like driving far, so we went to On The Border because it’s right around the corner from our apartment.


When we came home, we did our normal cleaning, put away the groceries and snuggled in for the night. We had planned to watch a movie on Netflix, but I PTFO by 9. (I’m just really sleepy this weekend!)

Today, we woke up early to head to Trev’s Women’s Lax Game. You guys… it’s so effing cold!


Welcome to Michigan in April. Ugh.

The good news? They were kicking some serious butt and had a running clock within the first 15 minutes.

Love this pic that UDM posted of Trev and one of his players!
Also love this Strength Coach of mine!

After the game we grabbed some lunch and headed home to prep for the week. I had work to get ready for school, Trev had some programs to write, and we had a whole lotta food to make.

Oh… and we spent two hours trying to get just the write photo for a collab that will be up on Thursday! Here’s an absolutely FABULOUS sneak peak! HAHAHAHAHA


Do you love my Christmas PJ bottoms?! They say “Ralphie, You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!” LOL

Alright guys, I’m off to eat some dinner and enjoy the last few hours of a relaxing Sunday! I’m back tomorrow for Mitten Monday!





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