Hey Loves!  I’m back with another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share with you all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Eating

We’ll start this week out talking about the thing I love most in life… food! If you read my Weekend Roundup you probably know that we didn’t really get our grocery shopping done this week. Soooo we’ve been eating like College Freshman, rather than adults. We rediscovered our love for cereal and Chinese Food for dinner this week. Basically, we’re being crazy healthy 🙂

What I’m Excited About

I’m SUPER excited for tomorrow’s post! It’s a little bit of a Throwback for the blog, and I’m working with one of my all time favorite brands, Shutterfly! Be sure to come back tomorrow or subscribe to get it delivered right to your inbox! (Especially if you’re getting married any time soon!)

What I’m Looking Forward To

I’m just really excited for this weekend. It’s our last weekend to do nothing for awhile, and spending time with Trev at home is exactly what I want to do! We’ve been so busy since last Friday I’ve barely seen him! Plus we’ve both been in kind of weird moods. So it’s going to be nice to just chill the eff out, watch our favorite shows and snuggle up on the couch!

What I’m Working Out To 

So most of you already know that I adore Blogilates! But I’m seriously OBSESSED with her new Bridal Bootcamp series! The ab video is SO GOOD guys. And I really love the booty lift too! I’ve been too busy to work out lately, but am looking forward to trying the newest installment in the series, the cardio, tonight! Click here to check them out. I think you’ll love them too!

What I Miss

I’m REALLY missing home, and my family. I had a really hard time being without them on Easter and I’m just really homesick. (Is that silly?) I’m literally day dreaming of all things Northern Michigan lately, (like Moomer’s… hence the ice cream photo) and can’t wait to head home for the weekend at the end of this month!

Side note… The Village Cheese Shanty opens on Friday!!!! If you’re from the area or like to vacation in Leland, you KNOW what a big deal this is! Read more about The Village Cheese Shanty here!

What I’m Sad About

FIXER UPPER IS OVER GUYS. I just can’t even handle it rn. BRING BACK CHIP AND JO, HGTV!!!


What I’m Watching

Speaking of TV, I’ve been watching old reruns of Trading Spaces to get ready for the revival that comes back this week! Omg. I don’t even know how some of those “designers” got on the show! This morning, I watched the one where Doug turns a couples room into a damn safari and I was so horrified! You can watch that particular episode here! Prepare to be amazed my friends. HAHA

What I’m Listening To

I’ve been really into upbeat, new country music lately! Something about it just makes me think of summer and puts me in a great mood! I’m seriously irked though, because I heard this song on the radio yesterday morning and LOVED it and can only remember one line from it but must not be remembering the line right because I keep Googling it and none of the songs that come up are right. Ugh. So frustrating! Does this ever happen to you too?

What I’m Working On

… Weekend Getaway planning! Turns out TWO weekends in a row this June we’re taking mini trips and I’m so excited I can barely stand it! Since I don’t get any time off from work, weekend trips are all we can really take rn. So I’m really excited to get the chance for TWO weekend getaways this June!

What Else Is New

Absolutely nothing… which makes me sad. Here’s to hoping good things start happening for us soon so that I’ll have nothing but new and exciting things to share with all of you! Oh. AND IT’S FREAKIN SNOWING OUTSIDE. IT’S APRIL. Not cool.

So my loves, What’s Up in your lives?

I’m back tomorrow with a collab you won’t want to miss!

Have a great Wednesday everyone. We’re officially half way through the week!


4 thoughts on “#WhatUpWednesday

  1. We would just be the best of friends! I love your blog and everything you just said relates to me SO much. Have an awesome weekend! Also I’m going to look into Blogilates it sounds interesting.

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