6 Dresses You Can Still Get In Time for Easter… That Are Under $50!

Happy Thursday Loves! We are only DAYS away from Easter Sunday, and guess who has absolutely nothing to wear?!

Yup. This girl, right here. I usually have my outfit planned from head to toe by this point, but this year, time has just totally gotten away from me. So, I’ve been searching stores that I can easily access to grab a pretty pastel dress just in the knick of time!

That’s when I realized, I’m probably not the only one trying to figure out where I can get pretty pastels at the last minute. So let me save you some stress! Here are 6 Dress You Can Still Get In Time For Easter if you live near a mall!

easter dresses 2018

One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six

All of these dresses are from stores that you can run to before Sunday, AND they are all $50 or under! (Okay, #6 is $55, but seriously. It was WAY TOO PRETTY not to share!)

So what are you wearing for Easter?!

Sorry this post is going up so dang late! It has been A DAY to say the least. I’m seriously so happy to be home, snuggled up on the couch for a few minutes before I have to check off my v. long to do list before I head to bed!

Have a great weekend! No post Sunday since it’s Easter 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!



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