The Ultimate Family Staycation + 3 Ways To “Trick” Your Children To Be More Excited for a Staycation than a Vacation

Happy Tuesday my loves! How excited are you that it isn’t Monday anymore? Haha Monday was ROUGH for me. To the point where I fell asleep trying to do my ab workout on the floor. Yup. It was that kind of Monday.

But today is a new day! The sun is shining, I’m eating a Cadbury and I’m writing about something I’m SUPER excited about!

Growing up, we never went on Spring Break vacations. (We always did our vacations during the summertime.) But, my parents always made sure that we did something really fun and memorable, so that I still had something to talk about when we went back to school. Sometimes it was going out of town to go shopping (the closest mall to Manistee is an hour away… so we always made a fun day trip to go shopping!), or doing fun experiments or exploring a new city that wasn’t too far away.

So today, is for all you families that aren’t heading to Florida in two weeks. Today, we’re talking about the 3 Tips that will make your children more excited for a Staycation than a Vacation, and 10 Ideas for the Ultimate Family Staycation!

Let’s start with how to make sure your family isn’t feeling sorry for themselves about not going someplace warm. (Literally me for the entire months of March and April as an Adult. HA) These 3 Tricks are an easy way to get your family stoked to spend  Spring Break at Home.

3 Ways To “Trick” Your Children To Be More Excited
for a Staycation than a Vacation 

  1. Plan! This is the number one way to trick your families… no joke! Half of the fun of going on vacation is the planning you put into it. It helps build anticipation, and everyone gets SO EXCITED thinking about the things they’re going to be doing. So hop on Trip Advisor and see what things near you the tourists love. Because it just might open your eyes to a whole new world that you can check out this Spring Break!
  2. Plan things that you don’t normally do. From activities to dinners and everything in between, make sure that your days aren’t just totally “normal”.  You know that Rainforest Cafe down the street that your kids always beg you to go to but you don’t want to sit through dinner with a monkey swinging over your head so you choose the local pub instead? A special dinner out can make a staycation, feel like a vacation. (For some reason, Rainforest Cafe is synonymous with Disney World to me!)
  3. It’s all about the hype. Whether you’re checking into a hotel for the night or just hanging out at home, whatever you’re planning for your Staycation needs to be hyped up. The more excited you are, the more excited your family will be. I seriously never once felt slighted that we weren’t going on vacation when my friends were, because my parents always made sure we had

So how exactly are you going to fill a whole week? Don’t worry. I got you covered there too! Here are 10 Staycations Ideas that your family will L-O-V-E.

Ideas For Your Ultimate Family Staycation

  1. Take a day trip. Get out of town… but not too far. Find a spot that you and your family haven’t visited yet. Something unique to your state that isn’t too far from home. Have you ever checked out the site Only In Your State? It’s filled with fun things to do near you!
  2. Spend the day in a blanket fort. This is STILL one of my favorite ways to spend a lazy afternoon… and I totally think it works best when it’s cold or rainy 🙂 You can find some awesome blanket fort inspo on Pinterest. Add some fairy lights, lots of pillows and blankets and grab the popcorn. It’s the perfect place for a Netflix marathon!
  3. Head to a local attraction. Do you live by a popular zoo or museum? Maybe an aquarium or butterfly house? These types of places are huge hits with all little ones, and places that you ALWAYS end up visiting while you’re on vacation. Why not do it while you’re at home too?
  4. Get Hands On. Do you have an arts and crafts lover? A little scientist? Or the next Master Chef Junior? Whatever your babes love to do, do it. They will be so stinkin’ happy.
  5. Be a tourist at home. Have you ever been chatting with a stranger, they ask where you’re from, you tell them, and they yell “OH MY GOD I LOVE IT THERE!” ? It happens to me all the time. People love my hometown and always vacation there. At first I was like “Uhhhhhh why???” But when you look at your town like a tourist, you see it in a whole new light. So head to TripAdvisor, and see what people love about your town, and spend the day doing it. Only do the top rated activities, and eat at the top rated restaurants. I promise… you will have so much fun!
  6. Go Back Yard Camping. If you’re lucky to have some warm weather where you live, pop a tent and head out back. Camping in your back yard is WAY less of a commitment than going to a campground. (Plus… if it gets cold and damp you can totally go inside!) Build a fire, roast S’mores and do some star gazing. Sounds like a pretty perfect night to me.
  7. Head to a Sporting Event. March and April are PRIME months to see a sporting event! Major League, Minor League and College athletics are all in full force. You’ve got the end of Hockey and basketball seasons, the beginning of Baseball and Softball seasons all happening right now. Chances are, you can score some discounted week night tickets at a sporting event near you that your family will LOVE.
  8. Get Out. Whatever you do this Spring Break… take the nicest day to be outside. Go for a hike, a bike ride, fly a kite, whatever floats your boat. And then, make your favorite warm weather dinner. Personally, we like to grill (either hamburgers, steaks or bbq chicken) and serve whatever we are eating with a giant glass of lemonade.
  9. Check In. Maybe you and your family won’t be swimming in the Caribbean sea this Spring Break. But you can be swimming. Check in to a local hotel for the night, and spend some time poolside. (OR grab tickets to an indoor water park if you have one close!)
  10. Check Out. And whatever you do, check out of your normal, everyday life. Take time to relax, unplug, and enjoy some family time together.

What are your favorite “staycation” activities? Leave them in the comments below!

No family? Last Spring, I did a Spring Break Staycation list for adults too! Find that one here.

Oh! And before I go… Happy First Day of Spring everyone!! How excited are you for sunshine, warmer weather, and PICNICS?!


Alright guys! I’m off to finish my day. Don’t you worry… I’ll back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWendesday! I’ll talk to you then 🙂


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