Last Minute Spring Break Getaways 2018

Today is all about you procrastinators. The people who wait for the very last second to do anything… including booking a vacation. If you’re looking to snag a great deal at the very last minute, you’re in luck. Because it turns out, you can get some pretty amazing prices on amazing places if you’re willing to wait until a few days/weeks before you depart. (OMG. This would give me so much anxiety, but I totally wish I could do this. Jealous of you folks that can. No joke!)

The secret to finding these awesome deals? Groupon. Seriously. I spent two hours scrolling through all the very best Groupon Getaways for you. Since I’ve done all the hard work for you, who’s taking me along on their Spring Break trip with them? It’s the least you could do…

For the Family

 If I had to pick one place that is PERFECT for a last minute vacation, it would be DC. This city is so vibrant, so full of life, and so full of history. It’s a place your entire family will love. And then best part? Pretty much everything you’re going to want to see is 100% FREE. Nope. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. All that amazing history that’s just waiting to be seen? It’s completely free. From the National Mall, to Arlington Cemetery and everything in-between, you won’t pay a penny. The theory in DC is that the landmarks and artifacts belong to the American people. So grab your walking shoes (you’re going to need them) buy a metro card, and get your family to DC. (PS… it’s also about to be cherry blossom time!!!)  You can find some awesome hotel deals for DC here. Staying in this city is always super convenient, however, I HIGHLY recommend checking out the National Harbor area. It’s super easy to hop on the metro and head into the city during the day, and then you have your own little world at night. Learn more about National Harbor here. 

Still feeling like you’d rather lay on a beach than trek around a city? I’d take my babies to Myrtle Beach! There is are so many fun things to do in this area. If you’re planning this trip with your family, chances are your kids Spring Break is a little later in March, which means the weather should be a little bit warmer. Just know, it’s not always super warm in the Spring. We went here for my Senior Spring Break and we only got one day that was warm enough for the beach. Click here for literally tons of different options starting at only $39 a night! You guys… you can’t even take your family out to dinner for that cheap! 

For the Lovebirds 

Name a more iconic spot for romance than Jamaica. Just kidding. But seriously, a laid back getaway to the white sandy beaches of Jamaica legit screams HEART EYES if you ask me. Click here to book a 3 or 4 night stay at the Sandy Haven Resort in Negril for 63% off right now! Packages begin at $359, and can be combined for an up to 8 day stay. 

For the Weekend Getaway

Whatever happened to predictability. The milk man, the paperboy, evenin’ tv. You miss your old familiar friends, waiting just around the benddddd”


Yup. You know exactly where I’m sending you for a weekend getaway. The City by the Bay offers perfect weather all year round (think 60s and sunny) that makes for perfect sight seeing (think Full House House!), adventuring (think cable car rides) and eating. So. Much. Eating. Click here to book your weekend at a San Fran Boutique Hotel for only $98 a night!! 

For the Explorers (Who Don’t Mind the Cold)

Love to explore? GO TO BANFF. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know Banff stole a very large piece of my heart last June. You can check out all my blog posts about this beautiful place hereherehere,  hereherehere and finally, here. I’ve got you convinced don’t I? And with a hotel at this price, you legit can’t say no. The Lodges at Canmore – Canmore, Alberta. Suites begin at C$139 a night and include food! (About $1098 USD) 

For the City Folks 

If you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of the city life, why not be in the heart of it all? That’s right. I’m talking about Times Square, in NYC. There is no where more “city” than that. Cue “New York, New York.” The New Yorker – New York, New York. Beings at $93 a night.  

For the Cruisers

How does $200 for a Caribbean cruise sound? Like a great idea if you ask me. Book a  cruise for two, and you’re guaranteed to have the best week/ weekend ever. Browse Expedia with your ideal travel dates to find the cruise that best fits you. (But I will always tell you to take a Disney Cruise because they’re simply the best!) Check out some seriously stellar deals rn here

Ugh. You guys. I REALLLLLY want to take a vacation now! Are you heading off somewhere great this Spring Break and blogging about it? Post your link in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.

I’m back tomorrow for #WhatUpWednesday. See you then!


*This post is NOT sponsored by Groupon. I just really love using them for deals on Travel! You can read an entire Travel Tuesday post I did on how to find great deals with Groupon here

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