Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Happy Sunday Monday my loves! This Weekend Round Up is going up a day late because to be totally honest, this weekend didn’t quite go as we planned. (We’ll get into that later!)

So let’s talk about our weekends, shall we?!

Our weekend started off right with Date Night as soon as we both got home from work on Friday. We headed to one of our absolute favorite dive bars (The Rust Nail) for some of the very best Fish n Chips in the area!


After dinner we did our grocery shopping (super wild Friday night) and headed home for some “Puzzle and Murder”. Don’t be alarmed… this is what we’ve affectionately named Part 2 of date night! We come home, work on a puzzle and listen to the newest episodes of Small Town Murder.

But this week, we were just wayyy too tired! Plus, I scratched my eye on Thursday and it was KILLING me. So we were in bed by 8:30. #80AtHeart

Saturday morning we woke up to some not so great news. Trev’s Grandma was headed to the hospital. So we packed up quick and headed down to Toledo to see her. We had planned to head to see Trev’s family for our weekend anyways, but you never want to spend your day with family under those kind of circumstances. So, if you’re someone that prays, send an extra one up for our sweet Grandma Klump! She’s feeling better, but far from 100%.

Here’s Grandma Klump on her 91st birthday last August!

On Saturday night, we got to babysit our niece, Emmy! We were SO excited to spend our night with her. She was so happy to see us, and we had the best time playing with her, snuggling with her, and loving on her. (If you follow me, or my hubby on Insta, you know our Stories were totally spammed with Emmy photos!)


Sunday, we woke up and spent the day with Trev’s family. The plan was to head out to lunch to celebrate both of his parents bdays, but instead, we hung out at home. We had a nice relaxing day before we had to drive back home!


Sunday night was spent meal prepping, bracket filling (Who should I pick guys?! Trev can’t help me since he’s a D1 strength coach and all!) and getting ourselves ready for the week…. it’s going to be a crazy one!

How were your weekends?! I hope they were warm and sunny and everything you needed to relax and get ready for the week! This time change has me ALL messed up! I love the extra sunlight, but boy do I hate losing an hour!

Have a great Monday everyone! I’m back tomorrow with a few Last Minute Spring Break ideas you won’t want to miss!


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