Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday My Loves! My goodness is it sunny here! Please let me clarify sunny does not equal warm in March in Metro Detroit. But I will totally take what I can get!

I’ve had a relaxing weekend here at home and it’s just what we needed before our schedules start to get really, really, really crazy again. (We aren’t going to have a lazy weekend for at least another month.)

We started our weekend with dinner at one of our favorite Mexican Restaurants that my BFF and her BF introduced us to. We drank giant margaritas, ate chips and salsa, and enjoyed talking about how ridiculous our weeks had been. Date night is my favorite night!


Saturday, I slept in, and Trev had plans with one of his Strength Coach friends from out of town. I spent the morning cleaning the apartment and catching up on some Hallmark movies!

When the sun hit our deck I took the opportunity to settle in for a little sunshine.


Hey, A Michigan Girls Gotta Do, what a Michigan Girls Gotta Do to get a little color!


After only an hour in the sun, I already feel a little bit less see-through, so that’s good enough for me! I’m hoping that I can get back out on the deck later this afternoon too!

We also got some SUPER exciting news on Saturday… my cousin and his long time girlfriend got engaged while they were on their cruise! We are so so so excited for them!

Last night, we stayed in and finally got to try our Blue Apron! I’ll be doing an entire post on it later on, but spoiler alert… we loved it! We can’t wait to try the rest of our meals this week!


Then, we puzzled it up and listened to this week’s Small Town Murder and Crime in Sports.


Today? I’m still snuggled in bed, watching Hart of Dixie with my coffee. We’ve got grocery shopping to do, blog photos to take, and hopefully sunshine to catch!


I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! This week is about to be crazy for me. (Remember how I said my crazy long hours were about to be a thing of the past? I’m thinkin’ that’s not going to be the case now. Fingers crossed I’m wrong!)

Have a great Sunday everyone. Remember… a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

I’m back tomorrow for Mitten Monday. I’ll talk to you then!



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