5 Easy Tips for Eating Healthy on Your Next Vacation

Well guys… I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but my not so favorite anymore guest blogger bailed, so you’re stuck with me! So, instead of the 5 Exercises you can easily do on your vacation, you’re getting 5 Tips to Eat Healthy While On Vacation instead!

Sound okay? Then let’s get started!

If there is one thing that I know, it’s that when I’m on vacation I’m a FIRM believer in the “Vacation Calories Don’t Count” rule. I eat every meal like it’s my last because I’m on vacation, and I don’t know when I’m going to get the chance to be at that particular restaurant again. Luckily for me, I like the kind of vacations where I’m constantly out doing something, exploring and moving. So those vacation calories don’t quite catch up with me. And while I might not notice those extra calories on my waistline, I do notice how I feel. In fact, eating like sh*t all week leaves even me, one of the most ambitious sight seers on the planet, feeling awfully sluggish and lazy.

So over the past few years, I’ve tried to strategically plan my indulgences and found a few tips and tricks that actually helped me avoid that ever impending gluten hangover.

5 Tips for Eating Healthy While on Vacation 

#1 Tailor Your Indulgences To Your Destination

I remember reading this tip in Vogue magazine forever ago, and I thought it was GENIUS. Heading to Paris? Eat the macarons. Italy calling your name? I bet the gelato is calling your name too. And if you’re on your way to New England, I would be willing to bet you aren’t going to let a lobster roll pass you by. With this mind set, you won’t feel guilty about enjoying the local fare. Just remember to enjoy your splurge for one meal, and make a healthy choice for the others.

#2 Always Eat Breakfast

Never skip breakfast while you’re on vacation. While it might seem easier to run out the door and get right to the fun, your body won’t be ready for the day without a full belly. Most resorts and hotels offer some seriously awesome breakfast spreads, so why not take advantage off it? Stock up on good for you foods, that will keep you full until until. Oh. And don’t forget the fruit. If you’re somewhere warm, the fruit will be practically picked that morning. And NOTHING tastes better than super fresh fruit!!!

#3  Keep Water With You At All Times

Water is SO important! Not only to keep you hydrated, but it can also help to keep you full from one meal to another. Drinking water will help to keep you full longer, and make your trips to the snack cart/shop/bar a lot less frequent.

#4 Make Smart Swaps

This might be the easiest of all the tips… just because you can do it any time, any place. Running low on time between excursions and planning to grab a Wrap for lunch? Swap your usually crispy chicken for grilled. Even the smallest swaps can lead to big differences by the end of your trip!

#5 A Salad A Day Keeps the Dr. Away

That’s the saying, right? I always try to make sure I eat one salad a day when I’m on vacation. Whether it’s before my main dish or I’m choosing a hearty salad for lunch, I automatically feel good about myself. Why? I picked to eat vegetables on vacation so that pretty much makes me a super hero. Plus, if I’m filling up on a salad, I’m probably not going to have quite as much room for the not so great stuff later.

But my Number One rule for vacation? RELAX. If you break your diet, make a not so healthy choice, or gain an extra pound or two, it’s seriously not a big deal. You’re on vacation after all! Years from now, you’re going to remember that one time that you ate a fresh French Baguette underneath the Eiffel Tower on a Spring Day in Paris. You aren’t going to remember that you made a healthy choice or not so healthy choice!

How do you keep your health goals on track while on vacation? Will you be trying these 5 Tips and Tricks this year on your Spring Break?! Let me know it the comments below!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!! I’ll be back with my regular #WhatUpWednesday next week! And tomorrow? I’m sharing my ultimate College Spring Break Survival Guide! You won’t want to miss it. Talk to you then!


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