Effortless Beach Waves + 3 Crazy Easy Ways to Achieve Them!

OMG you guys. Having the Women Tell All on Sunday totally messed me up. I thought last night was The Bachelor finale and TOTALLY forgot about the Overnights episode! Anyways, I was super sad because I was ready for the most dramatic finale ever, and realized I have to wait another week.


Also… did anyone else’s eyes just completely glaze over during Lauren’s date? Like I just can’t even pretend I’m interested in what’s happening. And then Becca’s ex showing up? Seems like someone was looking for Insta followers if you ask me.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get started with today’s post! Whenever I think of the beach, I think of the perfect weather, beautiful tans, endless smiles and perfect wavy hair.

I have always been the biggest fan of the perfectly undone, quintessentially VS model/ California girl look, and over the years, I’ve been to achieve this look in under 10 minutes flat. (Sometimes way less, depending on which way I’m making my waves!) I literally wear my hair in beach waves 98% of the time, but if I HAD to choose the best time and place to rock them, it would 100% be while on Spring Break!

The best thing about beach waves is that there are SO many ways that you can achieve them. Today, I’m going to share THREE different ways to rock these waves, two of which are specifically geared to those of you headed out to Spring Break! (Or just those of you that are lucky enough to live by the ocean!)

#1: Beach Waves with a Curling Wand 

First up,  is for sure my most used method for creating beach waves! It’s super duper easy, and it only takes me 10 minutes every morning before work. It works best on second (or third or fourth) day hair, and it usually lasts me more than a day! Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Curling Wand
  • Hair Clip
  • Sea Salt Spray (Find my favorite below! It’s from the Drugstore!)
  • Hair Spray

I like to start by sectioning my hair in half, and clipping the top half on top of my head. Then separate the bottom half of my hair into two and pull each side over it’s respective shoulder.

Next, I take one of these halves, and grab a small section in the front. I wrap my hair around my curling wand away from my face no more than three times around the barrel. This is important! If you wrap your entire strand of hair around the barrel it will be too tight and look like a curl. I always leave at least an inch of hair out on the bottom so that it’s not curled. It helps it too look a bit more “undone” and messy!

I continue this around my head, alternating which way I’m curling my hair. (Either away from my face or towards it.) Usually I do three waves on each side of my head.

When the entire bottom section is curled, I shake them out with my fingers, and then unclip a section from the top of my head. (I do it the same way every time. I like to unclip and section the right side of my part off first, and leave the left side of my part clipped up.)

Then, I start the same process of curling away and towards my face, leaving an inch out at the bottom all around the top of my head. Pro tip! ALWAYS curl your front sections away from your face… it helps to frame it better!

Once my entire head is curled, I shake it out with my fingers, and use sea salt spray through it to add extra texture.

I finish it with a quick spritz of hairspray just to help it stay all day. To get extra volume, I lightly grab the ends of my hair and spray underneath it while I shake my hair out of my grip. (Does that make sense? I saw them do this on the VS models last year and thought it was genius!)

This seriously lasts all day (because even if it falls out a little it just adds to the beachy messiness of it all and looks even better than in the morning!) and honestly, looks really good the next morning too! If I want to rock this look a second day, all I have to do is spray in my dry shampoo and add a little texture spray and it looks really, really good!

#2: Overnight Beach Waves

My second way of rocking beach waves is even easier than the first… and it doesn’t use heat! Here’s what you’ll need…

  • 1-4 Elastics (Depending on the tightness of the waves you desire)
  • Sea Salt Spray (Find my favorite below! It’s from the Drugstore!)
  • Comb
  • Spray Bottle with Water (If your hair isn’t already damp!)

This is my GO TO on most vacations I go on because I literally braid my hair right before I go to bed at night before and wake up with perfect waves. Start by deciding just how “wavy” you want your hair. Super tight waves? You’re going to want to section your hair into 4 sections for braids. Loose Waves? One big French braid will be perfect for you. I usually section my hair into two braids… because I find that it gives me just the right amount of wave.

Next, section your hair off, and dampen it (if it’s not already). Just make sure you hair isn’t drenched. It won’t wave well if it is!! Now, braid away! You can do your braids however you want… it really won’t matter! I actually start two Dutch braids on the side of my head, and then join them together in the back to finish them in one giant braid. I prefer doing my braids this way because then the bottom waves aren’t too tight like they would be if I kept them separate the entire way down.(This is literally just personal preference!)

Now the best part… go to sleep!

When you wake up, take your braids out and shake through your hair with your hands. Then add some sea salt spray for texture, and do the same technique with the hairspray I mentioned above.

And that’s it! How easy is that?!

#3: Already At The Beach Waves

The last way to get beach waves is hands down the easiest! But it’s only going to work if you’re already at the beach. (And not the beaches like we have in Michigan… you gotta have that salty warm air like you get by the ocean!) Here’s what you’ll need…

  • A Hair Tie

LOL that’s it! And you might not even need that! When I was on Spring Break, I spent A LOT of time in the ocean. And when you’re swimming in salty water, your hair is going to natural get the most perfectly beachy waves ever! Like even better than you can create. And while I never worried about what my hair looked like on the beach, I loved being able to leave the beach with beautiful waves that I didn’t have to fix before going out at night.

We always knew about when we were planning to leave the beach to head back to the hotel. So about an hour before we left, I’d take one last dip into the water and get my hair wet. Then, I’d ring it out and let it dry why we laid around in our beach chairs. Once it was mostly dry, I’d start scrunching my hair to help it wave. (My hair is PIN STRAIGHT you guys. It needs all the help it can get.)

Then right before we left I’d throw it in a loose braid, or wrap it in a quick top knot on top of my head while we walked back to the hotel. Then when we got back, I’d grab an anti-frizz product (find my favorite below!) to add to my waves and I was DONE. And my waves always looked perfect!

How do you do your beachy waves?!

Find my three favorite products for beachy waves below…

Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic Curling Iron

Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream, 8.5 ounce

John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, 5 Ounces

Alright guys. I’m off to work! But I’ll be dreaming I’m away at the beach. I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorite guest blogger… bet you can’t guess who 🙂

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


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