DIY Chalkboard

Calling all the Joanna Gaines Wannabes! Calling all the Joanna Gaines Wannabes! (No Shame. She is my spirit animal and I’m legit OBSESSED with her.) Looking to add a little “vintage farmhouse” charm to a not so farmhousey place?  Boy are you in the right place.

A few weeks ago, I was scrolling Instagram and stalking all my favorite Farmhouse accounts. Over and over I was seeing all these gorgeous, giant chalkboards incorporated seamlessly into their decor. Every time a new one popped up on my feed I would turn it and show Trev. For what seemed like two weeks straight, all I noticed were giant chalkboards. I wanted one. SO BAD. Our kitchen sucks, and I was positive that a big chalkboard would make it look better. So I asked Trev, “Can you make this?” And he said “YUP.” And we added it to our DIY list.

Now… our DIY list is approximately 42 pages long. It’s filled with everything I’ve ever told him I want to make. From big things that we can’t even dream of making until we buy a house, to small things that will take us two seconds to do, but have never taken the time to sit down and make them. Basically, when it hits the DIY list, I don’t really expect it to get done any time soon.

Flash forward to the following weekend, and we were cleaning out our spare room. It had gotten to the point of no return as Trev says, and we needed to start getting rid of the things we haven’t touched in a year. I opened up the closet and sitting there in the back was a big piece of 1/4 inch plywood. It was practically screaming MAKE ME INTO A CHALK BOARD. I pulled it out and guys. I’m not even joking… it was the perfect size for our kitchen!!! We literally had no excuse NOT to put together our chalkboard right then and there.

And seriously, it’s SO easy that you can put it together right then and there, without much thought, time, or effort. These are my favorite kind of DIY projects by the way… the ones you can put minimum effort into, but get a maximum results.


Like our pretty chalkboard? Keep reading to find our how you can make one too!

Shopping List 


  • 1 Piece of 1/4 Inch Plywood (Cut to whatever size you want to make!)
  • 2 1x2s (Again, you may need more or less depending on how bit your chalkboard is!)
  • 1 Can Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint
  • 1 Foam Roller 
  • 1 Can of Wood Stain in Your Color of Choice (I used Special Walnut with a thin layer of Weather Oak on top!)
  • Wood Screws
  • 2 D-Ring Hanging Hooks 

Start your project off right by cutting your plywood to whatever size you want your chalkboard to be. Lucky of us, we got to skip this step because ours was already the perfect size!

Once your board is cut, cut your 1x2s so that they fit around your board. I’ve shown how we did this before in this old DIY post! Now, you TOTALLY don’t need to have a Kreg Jig to make this frame. It will just help it look more “seamless”. We actually did this frame without the Kreg Jig this time. Trev just cut the side pieces first, then measured and cut the top and bottom pieces to fit exactly perfect. You can do it either way. The second way is honestly way easier, and still looks just as good IMO!


Once you’re done with the cutting, take a minute to sand everything! You want to make sure your plywood piece is sanded especially well! When you’re finished sanding, you’re ready to paint!


I went right in with the Chalkboard paint on my foam roller. Don’t follow my lead on this one! If I were you, I’d buy a primer first and apply before the chalkboard paint. Because my chalkboard isn’t super big (it’s only about 48 inches tall and 20 ish inches wide ) I made the decision in the store to skip the primer and just put extra coats of chalkboard paint on it. This worked for me… it just took a lot of patience. I think if you’re making an even larger chalkboard, trying to paint it without priming would get even more frustrating.


When you have one coat on, let it dry completely before adding another. I ended up doing four coats in total! Between chalkboard paint drying, I went ahead and stained my frame pieces and let them dry too!

You can see on the top piece I was deciding how I wanted to mix my stains! I ended up with my Middle option 🙂 I liked that it made it look like old wood. 

Once everything was completely dry, Trev assembled the frame on to the chalkboard. He placed the outside pieces first, clamped them in place, and then flipped over the board. Next, he used wood screws in multiple places to be sure it stayed secure. When he finished the sides, he did the same to the top and bottom.


Last, he added the D-Ring hooks and it was ready to hang in our kitchen!

How simple is that you guys?! It literally took us a few hours and we DID IT IN OUR APARTMENT which means literally anyone can do it too!

A few things to note before using your chalkboard…

  • Let the paint sit for AT LEAST 24 hours before writing on it. (I let my sit for 3 days because I didn’t have any chalk at the house. HAHA)
  • Before you write on it, you need to “season” your chalkboard. To do this, take a piece of chalk and rub it over the entire board, in multiple directions. Your board should be covered in chalk when you’re done! Then take a dry cloth and rub the chalk off. It will make it easier to wipe your chalk words off in the future 🙂

So my friends, what do you think?! Will you be adding a super cute chalkboard to your house anytime soon?!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
PS I know I look crazy in this picture! I was super sick when we took it and the lighting in our kitchen is terrible. HAHA Also, the way it’s taken our chalkboard doesn’t look as big as it actually is! So if you’re planning to make it the same size as us (right around 4 ft tall), make sure you measure your space… it may be bigger than you think! 

Have a wonderful weekend my loves! We’re off to Manistee tomorrow night as soon as we get out of work 🙂 I’ll be back on Sunday night with a Weekend Round Up for you!


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