5 Ways A Weekend In Northern Michigan Can Cure Your Winter Blues

Ugh. It’s that time of year again. When those of us in snowy states have been hibernating on our couches with Netflix ever since the excitement on Christmas and New Years wore off. I too, am feeling those winter blues and every year, I find myself dreaming of being somewhere on a beach… sippin’ somethin’ strong, I got a new girl, she got it goin’ on (ugh that song is just so damn catchy!)

And while winters are long here in the Mitten State (we usually don’t thaw out until April) we are a literal Snow Lovers Paradise. And I’ve found that the easiest way to get rid of those pesky winter blues is to get off Instagram (scrolling and scrolling tropical locals) and get out and embrace the beauty that Michigan in February.


Feeling Anxious? Take a walk on the beaches or trails of Northern Michigan.

Michigan weather is weird… especially when it comes to the month of February. Sometimes, we’re getting POUNDED with so much snow we have to literally dig out of our homes. And sometimes it’s so nice out that we can walk on the beach in sweatshirts. But no matter the weather, getting into the great outdoors is the best cure for your winter blues anxiety (you know… the kind of anxiety that isn’t really explainable but you have it because you’ve been cooped up for so dang long and you can’t stand it for a second longer). IMO, there is no problem too big that a little walk with nature can’t solve. So slip on some UGGs and walk the snowy/sandy beaches, rent some snow shoes and trek back on trails or do something new outside that you’ve never tried before. Chances are, you’ll forget why you were feeling anxious in the first place.

Feeling Cranky? Surround yourself with Up North locals.

One of the worst symptoms of the Winter Blues is that undeniable crankiness that settles in. You don’t really know why you’re cranky, and you don’t really know why all of the sudden the littlest things are sending your blood pressure through the roof, but you do know it’s happening. The best cure for a case of the crankies? Surround yourself with some Up North locals. These people know how to CHILL the eff out… and their laid back approach to life is going to be exactly what the doctor ordered. Head to a local watering hole (like Art’s in Glen Arbor, TJs in Manistee or Rare Bird in TC) cozy up to the bar or fire place, and talk with the locals that are sure to be there enjoying a craft brew. Chances are, there enthusiasm for life, winter and their home state will send those cranky feelings right out the door.

Find yourself Craving Comfort Food? Indulge.

Another really awful symptom of the Winter Blues? Craving Carbs. Because one minute it’s Thanksgiving and you’re living your best life and the next it’s bikini season and you’re like “Ummmmm what just happened?!” And while this is probably the exact opposite of the advice I should be giving, I say indulge in that comfort food. Especially if you’re on a weekend getaway to Northern Michigan. Surround yourself with the best comfort foods and worry about eating better after your weekend getaway. Because if you can’t enjoy it on vacation, than when can you?!

Find yourself Oversleeping? Chase the sun.

The winter blues always make me so dang sleepy. I could literally sleep the day away and still feel exhausted. The best cure for this? Chasing the sun across Northern Michigan. Spending a day in the sunshine and a night watching the sunset over the lake will give you all those warm fuzzy feelings summertime does, and will help you make it through this last stretch of winter.

Feeling Tired? Book a trip to the Spa.

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a trip to the spa, am I right? Get rid of that achy, sore, tiredness for good, and book yourself a girls weekend to a Northern Michigan Spa. Choose a city and book your spa appointments. No matter where you choose, a weekend at the spa will be exactly what you need to take on the world until the Spring flowers start to bloom.

So as I see it, the best cure of the Winter Blues is a weekend away in Northern Michigan. I’ve done several posts and itineraries on this blog before! I’ll link a few of my most recents down below, or simply click on my Mitten Monday tab at the top!

Winter Weekend Getaway: Manistee Michigan

Weekend Round Up + Winter Weekend Getaway: Traverse City, Michigan

Mitten Monday: The Cure for Cabin Fever

What do you do to help combat the Winter Blues?

Have a great Monday everyone! Sorry for the short post. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and I’m ready to go home and PTFO. I’m back tomorrow with a Travel post you will not want to miss… especially if you’re getting or renewing your passport soon! Be sure you’re subscribed so it’s delivered to your inbox the second I hit publish 🙂

I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “5 Ways A Weekend In Northern Michigan Can Cure Your Winter Blues

  1. “Feeling Anxious? Take a walk…” – so true! And *yay* to getting off instagram + getting outside 🙌🏽


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