Five Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Don’t Suck

Hey Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! We’ve officially hit Valentine’s Week and you know what that means. Prepare yourselves to be hit in the face with Instagram posts of gifts, dates and declarations of love. For some reason, every February, we get caught up in the idea that over the top romantic gestures, extravagant gifts and truckloads of chocolate and roses are the only way to show our significant others we love them.

But when you step back and think about it… is that really what you want? Do you really want to spend your evening eating at a restaurant so fancy you feel uncomfortable because you probably can’t even afford to pee in their bathroom? Do you really have to prove your significant other loves you by posting pictures of insanely massive bouquets on Instagram? And most importantly, are you really celebrating your love for each other? Or have you somehow lost sight of this while getting swept up in the storm that is Valentines Day?

I’m here to bring you back to earth and tell you this… there are SO many ways to celebrate your love for each other that don’t involve the pressures that Valentine’s Day usually puts on couples. So stop trying to live up to everyone else’s V-Day expectations, and do something a bit out of the ordinary, but totally and completely “you” as a couple.

Here are 5 Valentine Date Ideas That Don’t Suck, to inspire you this Valentine’s Day!

Recreate Your First Date

There is nothing more “Awwww” worthy than taking the time to recreate your first date… especially if you’ve been together for awhile. Whatever you did, there is something extra sweet about toasting to the place where you love story began… especially on Valentine’s Day. So dig out a DVD of that movie you saw or make your way to that greasy college bar, because I promise you. This will be a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget any time soon.

Find Something You Love To Do Together… Then Take It Up A Notch

Is you and your S.O’s favorite pastime laying on the couch watching Netflix? Maybe you like to puzzle and listen to podcasts. (Me and Trev!) Whatever it is, take the words of Pam Beesley Halpert… “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” Your ordinary life together is beautiful. So why not use it to inspire your date? So stay home and watch Neflix… but order a nice dinner, have a nice bottle of wine and get your girl some flowers to make is special. Us? We love the Small Town Murder podcast, and they just so happen to be doing a live show in Ferndale next weekend. So we decided to grab tickets and head to the show for our Valentine’s date night.

Learn Something New

Learning something new together helps your relationship to grow and thrive. So sign up for a class that sounds like fun. Think a cooking class downtown, a salsa dancing lesson or even some sort of fitness class. Learning something together is going to give you another way to connect and help you find a hobby you can continue to do together for years to come.

Take A Staycation

Even one night away from reality can make your mood do a complete 180. I know for me, I get cabin fever so bad this time of year and all I want is a change of pace. And while a getaway to a tropical island might not be in everyone’s Valentine’s budget, a staycation just might be. Book a hotel and do a few touristy things in your city… like check out that museum you’ve been meaning to go to, or take a walk to the park that tourists love. Oh. And pack your swimsuits and make use of your hotel pool. Because it’s not a vacation if you don’t take advantage of the pool 🙂

Be Kids Again

Couples that play together, stay together… right? Head to an indoor trampoline park, go mini golfing if you’re somewhere warm, hit up an amusement park, or play laser tag. Whatever you decide, you’ll be smiling the entire time.

Not planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? Make sure you check out my post from last week… The Perfect Galentine’s Day (Or Valentine’s Day) Drink + 5 Ideas to Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Are you celebrating on the day, or this upcoming weekend?! No matter what you’re doing, I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!

I’m back tomorrow to share my final post in the Capturing Your Travels series! It’s a good one. And you won’t want to miss it!



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