Weekend Round Up

Hey there loves! Happy Sunday! Trev and I are sitting here, transfixed by the Grammy red carpet, judging everyones outfits while we look like this…

HAHA. How’s your Sunday?! I hope it’s nice and relaxing like our afternoon has been!

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s rewind to Friday night, shall we?!

I was the closer at work Friday night so I didn’t get out until late. Last week was kind of crazy and to be honest, I was SO pumped for the week to be done and the weekend to finally be here! We started our weekend the best way we know how, at Big Boy like the the 80 year olds we are!

We also stopped by Sephora so I could pick up a new skin care product that I needed! I decided to totally revamp my skincare routine and y’all. I’m pretty positive I’ve found a MIRACLE in a jar! I can’t wait to share it with you later, but I want to give it more than 3 days to give you my full opinions on it! However, my miracle in a jar combined with a new face wash and some micellar water has dramatically changed my skin since Friday. I can’t wait to see how it looks a few weeks from now! Be on the lookout for a post on my skin care routine late February/early March!

We also took Friday night to grocery shop for the week which was kind of awesome. We were the only ones in the store!

We came home and both PTFO before 9:00.

Saturday morning we were up early to get our day started. Trev was training a few kids and Jacksy and I were tagging along because we were leaving for his parent’s house right after.

Yesterday and today were spent enjoying some time with Trev’s family and of course, snuggling our sweet little niece! If you follow me on Instagram, you got to see some seriously adorable Insta Stories of her giggling and smiling! I just can’t even guys. She’s so sweet!




Alright guys… it’s Grammy time!! I’ll be back tomorrow for a Winter Weekend Getaway you won’t want to miss!



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