Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!) + That Time I Met TB12



Okay. I’m sorry I’m shouting but your girl is still SO pumped after last night’s game! I honestly spent 95% of it feeling like I was going to throw up. But I’m getting ahead of myself!

My weekend started a few days ago, and it was an absolutely perfect weekend!

Friday I headed up to visit my parents as soon as I got out of work. Sometimes, I just need to escape reality and head to the place I love most… home. I spent the entire trip listening to my podcasts and jamming to Taylor Swift. When I got home I snuggled my pups and headed to bed.

Saturday morning we were up early for a quick walk on the beach. It felt just like Spring outside and we had the most PERFECT morning!




After our walk we headed to breakfast at my new favorite breakfast spot in Manistee. I ate my weight in bacon and pancakes and I just may have been the happiest I’ve been all year. (Those pancakes were life change guys.)


After breakfast, we spent some time shooting for a collab I have coming up this February, beach riding, visiting my grandparents, and of course watching Hallmark movies! We finished the night with Big Al’s at home and I literally couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.


This morning, we woke up and ate more pancakes (My dad makes amazing pancakes!), watched more Hallmark movies, and enjoyed a lazy morning at home.

Leaving after the most perfect weekend is always so hard! But I was excited to get back home to watch the game with my boys! To say I was a nervous wreck for the entire game is an absolute understatement! If you know anything about me, you know I love Tom Brady so dang much, and I wanted nothing more than for him to take another trip to the Super Bowl!

I had nothing but the sweetest dreams last night!


Now, if you’re new to Savannah Said It (Hi!! I’m so happy you’re here!) you probably have no idea that I love Tom Brady. (And if you’ve been here awhile, you can skip right over this part!) I’ve talked about it before on this blog, but I figured I should share it again since you know… WE’RE GOING TO ANOTHER SUPER BOWL!!! SO let me tell you about how I fell in love with TB12, and how it lead the the best day of my life.

It was February 1st, 2004. I was in 8th grade, and having all my friends over for a Super Bowl Party. We already had a Snow Day for the next day (Thanks again for that, MAPS. I still really appreciated that Snow Day!) and my cousin was over helping me get ready for the party. I hadn’t really decided who I wanted to win yet, so I was asking LJ who he thought I should cheer for. He looked at me and goes, “you mean you don’t want Tom Brady to win? I figured you’d think he was hot.” He showed me his picture, and that day a monster was born. I decided right then and there that Tom Brady was my favorite QB. And ever since, I have supported him, cheered for him, and loved the New England Patriots. (So no. I’m not a bandwagon fan. I’m as loyal as they come.) My love for TB grew immensely after I watched him play, seeing he was an amazing football player too, and actually win that Super Bowl. I collected jerseys, magazines, books, apparel, winter hats, and even got a Tom Brady Fat Head. Over the years my dad always promised me if the Pats ever played the Lions, he’d take me.

Fast forward to November, 2010. The Patriots were coming to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day, and this girl and her dad had tickets. (My mom picked turkey over Tom Brady. Insert massive eye roll!)

I was such a baby! How was this almost 8 years ago?!

You guys. I WAS SO EXCITED. You have NO idea. We came down the night before, and stayed at the Ren Cen. We ate at our favorite place in Greek Town, we wandered around Campus Martius, we checked out the Christmas displays and we had the best time. The next morning, we were up early and decked out in our Patriots gear. As we were leaving the hotel, I saw a really big bus and I stopped dead in my tracks. Could it be that the Patriots were staying at the same hotel as us??

My dad assumed that it all had to do with the Turkey Trot and we started walking away. But something inside me was SCREAMING at me not to leave. I turned around and said “Dad, if that IS the Patriots’ bus I will never forgive myself for not waiting around to see.” So we waited. About ten minutes later, security came out and started roping off an area. And pretty soon about 40 little boys in Tom Brady jerseys were standing around.

OH MY GOD. It was really happening. I couldn’t believe this. The Pats were staying at our hotel and TOM FREAKIN BRADY was about to walk out that door and get on the bus. So I pushed my way to the front of the crowd of little boys (not my proudest moment), and waited.

I saw Gronk in all his massive glory. I saw Danny Woodhead, who was only an inch taller than me. Wes Welker wandered out too. The players were all super friendly, and waved to the crowd. But everyone was there for one reason, and one reason only. We waited and waited. And then, finally, TOM FREAKIN BRADY walked out looking like he popped straight off a magazine cover. Y’all. This man is freakin flawless. Ask my Dad, he’ll even tell you. And he smelled SO DANG GOOD. I got so excited I literally could not control my hands and got 3 terrible, blurry, dark photos. He looked right at me, saw how clearly stoked I was, and waved.


And then I squealed. And then he laughed. I MADE TOM BRADY LAUGH GUYS. And that was the best day of my life. (Besides getting married. Love ya Boo.)


14 years of being a proud member of Patriot Nation! 

Alright guys. I’m off to get this week started. Here’s hoping it’s half as good as this weekend was!

Have a fantastic week everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow for the next post in my Capturing Your Travels series!



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