Hey there loves! If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that Wednesdays were reserved for Wedding Planning posts. But this year, we’re starting something new! I’m introducing What’s Up Wednesdays to Savannah Said It!

2018 is the year that I want to share a bit more of myself with you. If you don’t know how WordPress works, it actually lets me see which of my posts are your favorites, and the ones that you read and reread over and over again. And I’ve found that besides my travel posts, the ones where I share a little bit of me are the ones that you enjoy the most. I made it my goal a long time ago, that this year, I was going to share more of the things I’m loving and the things that are going on in my life once a week wtih all of you. Because let’s be real, if you’re here, we probably have a few things in common. Which means if there’s something I’m really loving, you’ll probably really love it too!

So this year, every Wednesday, I’m sharing everything that I am currently loving, doing, or thinking about! Sometimes, I might answer a few “What’s Up” questions, or sometimes, you might just get a totally random post. You know… gotta keep you on your toes 😉

Alright guys… Let’s get started with our first, #WhatUpWednesday!

(PS… If you read the Mix and Match Mama, you can probably tell where I got my inspiration from! She does a monthly What’s Up Wednesday post on her blog, where she answers a bunch of “What’s Up” questions! I gotta give credit, where credit is due 🙂 If you don’t read her blog, you need to! Find her here for literally the best recipes ever!) 

What I’m Watching

The Bachelor. Did you really think I was going to start this post any other way?! You know I’m a proud member of Bachelor Nation, and that I HAVE to talk about Monday night’s premier! So, I have to say. I’m not so sure about Arie. Did anyone else think he was like super dry?! I mean, HOW DO YOU NOT LAUGH WHEN I GIRL GIVES YOU A MINI WEINER MOBILE AND SAYS “I HOPE YOU DON’T ALREADY HAVE ONE”?! I literally scream laughed at my TV and I seriously don’t know how he didn’t even crack a smile. I’m totally going to watch this season, but I’m still wishing Arie was Peter. (PS… I think these girls are going to bring the drama this season and I legit can’t wait for that!)

What I’m Listening To

Let’s keep with The Bachelor theme, shall we?! I really love Podcasts, and right now, I’m totally obsessed with Ben Higgins (my favorite Bachelor ever!) and Ashley I’s (probably my favorite contestant ever) podcast, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. They’re around all year long, but they’re at their best when they are recapping the recent Bachelor episodes. Find them wherever you listen to Podcasts and I promise, they’ll make your drive to work a whole lot better!

What I’m Excited About 

This week, I’ve got my eye on Saturday. I’m so excited to drive back to the airport and pick my hubby up! He’s only been gone a day and I miss him SO MUCH already. He’s out of town this week for a national coaches conference. I actually got to go with him in 2016 to San Antonio, and I was super sad I couldn’t tag along this year too! (Have you see my San Antonio travel guide?! If not, click here!)

What I’m Buying

One of the biggest perks of being a teacher is all the awesome gift cards you get at Christmas! My kids were SO generous this year, and I got a bunch of Target and Starbucks gift cards. Well this weekend, I cashed in those Target gift cards because the new Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Spring line came out! I picked up a few things, but this pitcher is HANDS DOWN my favorite purchase! It’s so nice you guys! And it is gorgeous in person. I don’t want to show you how I’m using it just yet… because we have a HUGE DIY coming at you in the next few months, and it will make it into those pictures. (Did I say too much? Can you guess what we’re DYI-ing?!)

What Else Is New

I try really hard to separate my job from my blog, but I’m just SO DANG PROUD of myself right now that I totally want to share! We get observed every three months, and have goals that we need to meet. I got my very first observation last week and I absolutely killed it! It feels so good to know that I’m doing my very best, and that other people see it too. And it feels even better that I got a bonus 🙂

How My New Year’s Resolutions are Going! 

Well, we’re 3 days into the New Year, and I can totally say that I’m KILLING my resolutions! (LOL) I’ve worked out every day, I’ve written in my Gratitude journal, and I’ve rinsed my dishes and put them in the dishwasher without Trev having to remind me. HAHA

So my friends, What’s Up in your life?!

Before I leave, I want to take a quick second to shout up this beautiful lady right here!

Tomorrow is my Momma’a birthday! My entire life, my mom has always put me first. She is the most selfless and beautiful woman I know. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it weren’t for her. She is strong and she is smart, and most of all she is kind. She is one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. And she inspires me to be a better person daily! So join me tomorrow in sending tons of good vibes my Momma’s way! She deserves to have the best day ever!

Alright guys. Like I said, no other new posts today, but I’ll be back Sunday with a Weekend Round Up! I can’t wait to start off the blogging year on Monday! I’ve got some really fun stuff coming your way, that I know you are going to love!

Have a great week/weekend everyone!


3 thoughts on “#WhatUpWednesday

  1. Congratulations on your positive observation and the bonus..but we already know you are the best teacher out there. A big Happy Birthday to your mama.. have a great day Ann.

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