You guys. I’m officially taking another “sick day” here on the blog. But instead of being “sick” it’s because I literally had the biggest DIY fail I’ve had in awhile.

I know. You’re here for that third DIY I’ve been promising you. But, I don’t have it. Why?


It literally looked like a 2 year old painted it and it was so off center. It WAS supposed it be another super cute Christmas sign. And it was going to hang over the mistletoe on one of our door ways and I was SO BUMMED it didn’t turn out.

In hind sight, I should have seen that it was WAYYY off before I started painting. I really don’t know what I was thinking. hahaha


And of course I didn’t realize how bad it was until Wednesday morning. And I worked all day and then got stuck in a snowstorm and couldn’t go get supplies to do another quick DIY and now, here I am with absolutely nothin’ for ya.

I’m so sorry! I promise that next week, you’re getting 4 posts full of original Holiday Cheer. Until then, check out my Red Berry Wreath and my Dollar Tree Christmas Scroll, or any of my other DIYs here on Savannah Said It. We have TONS of fun projects planned for 2018 and you can bet I’ll be sharing them with you. (Even if they are massive fails!)

Alright guys. I have so much to do still and it’s already WAY past my bedtime. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I can’t wait to share all the fun Christmas things we have planned with you on Sunday!


PS… For all you Riverdale fans, what did you think of the Black Hood Reveal?!! I think there is still SO much more to the story, and that “he” (I don’t wanna spoil it!) is just working for the real Black Hood a la “A” or “Uber A” or Spencer’s Twin.


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