Dollar Tree Christmas DIY

Another day, another DIY, am I right?! Today, I’m bringing you a Dollar Tree DIY that cost me $3 and some change! No. I’m not joking. You’re not even going to believe it when you see how gorgeous this turned out!!

Christmas Scrolls have been ALL the rage on Pinterest this year! I remember seeing one last Christmas and falling head over heals for it. I was like “WE NEED THAT!” So I started checking Etsy and couldn’t quite bring myself to pay $30+ for a scroll that would probably get ripped from one year to the next. So I made a note to DIY it for this year in my phone.

Fast forward December 2017, and I now have a gorgeous scroll hanging in my house! And the best part? It only cost me $3, not $30+. So I can easily remake it next year if I accidentally rip it. (Cuz let’s be real… I break everything.)

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Okay. So pretty right?! I bet you’re dying to make one too!

Shopping List

  • 1 Roll of Mailing Paper You’ll find this in the aisle with like the office and mailing supplies, not the craft aisle!
  • Permanent Markers I bought the 4 pack from the Dollar Tree! I actually really like these for crafts because they’re a bit thicker than a normal Sharpie, and you’ll appreciate the thicker tip (that’s what she said) with this project! It will be easier to fill in the letters!
  • 1 Roll of Jute I wanted brown, but they were sold out. So I bought the dark green.

The next few things are all things you’ll need, but I keep at home, so I didn’t count them in the price!

  • 4 Paper Clips
  • Carbon Paper You can’t buy Carbon Paper at Dollar Tree, but you can pick it up at Michaels for less that $2.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Computer and Printer with Microsoft Powerpoint or Word (or you could use a Google Program!) Unless you have gorgeous printing… then you totally can free hand this!

Start by choosing your quote! The scroll I fell in love with last year was the beginning O Holy Night, so that is what I chose! Grab your favorite font, and type it out. If you like how mine looks, you can click here to download my template FOR FREE!

Once you have the size right (I made mine about one word per page, you want them big, because your scroll is big!) print out your template, and cut out your words. (This doesn’t need to be perfect. I just cut around each word so I could move them and see where I wanted them placed.)

Now, open up your roll of Mailing Paper, and let the bottom roll over a few times. Then put a paper clip on each end.


Next, find a large space to work at, and roll our your roll for as long as you want to make your scroll. Use something to help you hold it in place. I used some Christmas Coasters from the Target Dollar Spot 🙂


When your paper is laid flat, go ahead and lay down your words to make sure they look exactly how you want them. Then, pick them back up, lay down your carbon paper, and relay your words down.

Then, turn on Hallmark Channel and get to work! Start by tracing your letters, then remove the carbon paper and start filling in your letters with your permanent marker.



Once you’re finished, leave it to dry. I left mine for a few days (Trev, my little neat freak, was super happy about this hahaha), but a few hours should be more than enough time!


After it’s all dry, go ahead and unroll the bottom a bit and cut it off. Unless you have a really long quote, you won’t need the whole roll or paper! Go ahead and roll the bottom up and add two paper clips.

Next, grab your jute. Pull out a really long string and thread it through the top roll. I actually put a paper clip on the bottom of mine and held my scroll sideways then dropped it in. (I hope that makes sense!)

Tie it together and then, learn from my mistakes, and spin it until the knot is hidden.

And that’s it! You’re done! Go ahead and hang it up and make any room instantly prettier! I added a small garland to the top of mine, that I made all with Dollar Tree products too!

Ugh. I hate that my blanket isn’t on the couch and the scissors are laying in this picture. But I didn’t get home in time to take a photo in good lighting, so I’m workin with what I got!

To make the garland, I grabbed the cheap, dollar store garland and cut it in two. Then, I twisted them together to make them look fuller. I then used a small piece of garland I had leftover from yesterday’s DIY (that was slightly more real looking) and cut it into smaller pieces. I stuck these smaller pieces throughout my twisted garland. Then, I grabbed three little bundles of sparkly pine cones and berries, cut them up and hot glued them into place. I love how it turned out, and LOVE how it looks on top of my scroll!

So what do you think? Will you be adding one to your home this Holiday Season?

Guys. We’re getting POUNDED with snow and I’m super worried I won’t make it home from work tonight! Fingers crossed they let me leave a little early so I don’t get stuck in the snow.

I hope the weather is much better wherever you are! And if you’re stuck in the same stuff I am… stay safe! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


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