Christmas DIY: Red Berry Wreath

How is it only Tuesday? I feel like it’s a marathon of a week already and I just need it to be the weekend! I hope wherever you are reading this from it’s sunny and warm. Because we’re buried under snow and getting to work is about to be an absolute nightmare!

I’m beyond excited to be here this morning because I’ve got a crazy easy DIY that I know you are going to LOVE!

Remember this past fall I shared this Dollar Tree DIY Fall Wreath? I set out again to make a beautiful wreath for you without breaking the bank this Christmas season. When Dollar Tree started putting out their Christmas thing, I went sprinting over to my store so I could get first pick of their Holiday florals. And guys. My options were SO NOT GOOD. Like, there was zero way I would be able to make a wreath that actually looked nice with anything I found at my store. (Was this just my Dollar Tree this year? Did you guys find good Holiday florals?!)

I was SO discouraged. I remember this day so clearly. I had just started my job and I didn’t really have time to do anything. And this was the ONLY day for the entire month that I had available to work on my wreath. I mean… they didn’t even have my Wire Wreath Form! So I decided to head over to Michaels and just see what they had available.

And guys… I hit the Jackpot!! I was able to make this STUNNING wreath for $20!!!! No. I’m not joking! I picked up all sorts of berriesI’m so dang happy with how this turned out! It’s going to look so beautiful on our front door someday!

So, if you’re looking for a fun Christmas project, that is inexpensive and will bring a little life to your door (or wall) this Holiday season, keep on reading!

Shopping List


  • 1 Wire Wreath (I used this one from Michaels, but if you can find one at Dollar Tree pick it up! This one is slightly bigger than those at Dollar Tree, but it does cost more. Just remember, you can always find a coupon on full price items at Michaels which will turn this into just pennies more than the Dollar Tree one!)
  • 1 Dark Red Berry Stem (Only 99 cents rn!!) I used this one from Michaels.
  • 2 Angel Pine Spray with Pinecones (On sale for $2.39!) I used these from Michaels.
  • 1 Red Cherry Stem (On sale now for $3.99!!!) I used this one from Michaels.
  • 1 Garland (I would have used this one, but it wasn’t available in my store! The one I used I can’t find online. But it was just normal, cheap, garland.)
  • Bells (You totally don’t have to add these, but I think they make the wreath! I picked up these ones at Michaels for half off, and I adore them! They don’t have them online anymore, but you could probably find them in your store in their Alpine Collection!)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Wire (You can buy this at The Dollar Tree!)

First things first. Start disassembling your garland with wire cutters! This will help to make it look more real, I promise! I didn’t do this. I wrapped my around one direction, and then in another direction. This works too. However, I wish I had chopped it up and put each piece on individually! My way was faster, and still looked great (especially because so many other things were going on the wreath) but if you have the time, you should DEF chop it up, and put the pine pieces on individually! Secure your pine with your floral wire tightly!


Once your base is on, start cutting up your Angel Pine Sprays. I chopped mine at the base of the smaller stems, where they met the main stem. This way, I got plenty of pine sprigs and pinecones to place all around my wreath. After I was finished cutting, I placed them around my wreath until I had it looking exactly like I wanted! Once I was happy with it, I hot glued each pine sprig into the main green garland.


Now it should look full, and more real!


Next, it was time to add the small berries! I cut them the same way I cut the Angel Pine Sprays. Cutting and placing around my wreath until I was happy with how they looked! I waited to hot glue these though… because I still had bigger berries to place! I picked up my big berries, and cut them the same way and started placing them too. Once it was exactly how I liked, I hot glued each berry into the wreath.


And last, but certainly not least, I added my bells! I used my floral wire to secure them tightly to the metal wreath.

And guys… that’s it!! It took me 1 Hallmark Christmas Movie (I personal favorite way of telling time), $20 and a bit of patience to make this gorgeous wreath!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Michaels is having HUGE sales right now on their Christmas decor and Holiday florals. You may be able to make this wreath for even less than $20 if you head over to your local Michaels ASAP!

Alright guys. I’m about to brave the Arctic weather to get to work. Wish me luck! Have a great Tuesday!

I’m back tomorrow with a Dollar Store Christmas DIY you seriously won’t want to miss!


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