Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday my loves! I hope everyone is having an absolutely fantastic weekend! My weekend has been exactly what I needed. I ran a lot of errands, I did a lot of Christmas stuff, and I rested… A LOT.

I was a one man wolf pack for the first half of my weekend! Trev was out of town at a mini conference just outside of Pittsburgh. I spent my Friday night at work! I volunteered to work the Parent Date Night so I didn’t get home until 10. I was exhausted so I turned on The Office and PTFO.


Saturday, I got up, made some coffee and was off to run all sorts of errands! But they were the best kind of errands. I was picking up all our last minute Christmas gifts, and getting everything we needed for our Date Day of Wrapping Presents, Christmas Movies and Cocoa!

When I got home, I finished up the DIYs that you’re going to be seeing all this week! Eeeek! I’m SO freakin’ excited. You guys are going to LOVE them. They’re all so beautiful, so easy and so affordable! Then, I curled up with some Panera and watched Hallmark movies all dang night until Trev got home!

Today, we grocery shopped and cleaned the house before spending the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents, mailing our Christmas cards and watching Christmas movies.



Over all, a boring, but much needed, weekend at home!

I’ll be back tomorrow with my Christmas Bucket List! Have a great night everyone!


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