Christmas Bucket List 2017

Happy Monday Love Bugs! Guess what?! Two weeks til Christmas! EEEK! With only Two Weeks until our favorite North Pole resident takes his flight around the world, it’s time to kick into full on Holiday Mode and pack in as much Christmas Cheer as possible!

Every year, Trev and I create a Christmas Bucket List to take us through the Holiday season. This way, we don’t miss out on any of our favorite Christmas activities! Last year, I shared our Christmas Bucket List and this year, I’m doing the same! To be honest, nothing on it really changes. Most of these things are a once a year type deal, and we look forward to doing them year after year!

Our Christmas Bucket List is 100% our favorite tradition. We can’t wait to have kids one day and make a Christmas Bucket List with them! But for now, we’re happy doing all the “coupley” Christmas things!

Decorate the Christmas Tree 


This one is totally a no brainer! Everything is better when you’re surrounded by Christmas trees, garland, presents, and sweet smelling Christmas candles. We don’t celebrate Christmas at our place, we celebrate with our families, but we still decorate. Our tree has already been up for weeks and we’ve been loving every minute of it!

Holiday Date Night


We LOVE going on Holiday themed dates! From Zoo Lights to Wrapping Presents, Light Seeing to Watching Christmas Classics and everything in between, we LOVE Christmas Date Nights! I did an entire post on our favorite Christmasy Dates last year. Find it here! (We made a movie and it still makes me smile!)

Take Christmas Pictures 


Whether they are just to have, or going to be on your Christmas card, get some holiday photos taken! Every year, my mom takes some of Trev and I. We frame them and they make for super cute decorations at Christmastime.

Send Christmas Cards


Speaking of pictures… the best place to put them is on your Christmas Card! I am a firm believer in sending Snail Mail. I love getting mail in my mail box, and wish people would send it more often! I shared my family’s long time tradition of funny Christmas cards with you last year (if you haven’t seen it, you need to click the link!), and showed you Trev and I’s first card together! You’ll see this year’s card later this month, when we’re sure all our family members have received theirs!

Go Ice Skating


Because Ice Skating and Christmas go Hand in Hand.

Bake Cookies.


Your nose, and belly will thank you! Try out my Aunt’s sugar cookie recipe for the most delicious Christmas Cookies you could ever imagine!

Do a Christmas DIY!


Check out my Fixer Upper Inspired DIY from last year here, or subscribe and keep coming back this week for 3 all new DIYs that I know you will LOVE!!!

Listen to Christmas Music


All day, everyday.

Make a Gingerbread House. 

1538937_10152063572280210_618535036_nMaking Gingerbread Houses just makes your heart happy!

Read Your Favorite Christmas Stories. 


Every year, I reread How the Grinch Stole ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas,  and the Polar Express . I also still read The Mice Before Christmas every Christmas eve. My parents read it to me every year, and it’s just not Christmas eve without reading the story. (Although, now it makes me SOB and I can barely get through the end!) If you have kids, you gotta get them this story! It is so precious!

Drink Hot Cocoa. 


Lot’s of hot cocoa! There are so many great recipes for the homemade kind on Pinterest! Or, you can always get creative with some Swiss Miss. I like to use the Dark Chocolate Swiss miss, melt in some candy cane kisses, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the some whipped cream on top. It’s amazing!

Go to a Christmas Tree Lighting. 


There is something magical about standing in a crowd of people and counting down to the lighting of the Christmas tree!

Rock an Ugly Sweater. 


I LOVE that Ugly Sweaters are a thing now. Cuz I love wearing them! They’re cozy, fun and full of Holiday spirit! This was my Ugly Sweater last year, but it doesn’t even come close to how amazing mine is this year! I’ll share it with you later… I have to keep it a secret until our Ugly Sweater Party this Christmas with my family! I’ll talk more about my favorite Ugly Sweaters later on, but I highly recommend checking out Target and Nordstrom if you want to buy one, or Pinterest for fun ideas of DIY sweaters!

Go see Christmas Lights. 


Whether you’re driving through your neighborhood, or you have a Light Fest somewhere near you, there is nothing better than checking out Christmas Lights while blaring Christmas Music and drinking from a Starbucks Holiday cup.

Do something kind. 


Take notes from all the elementary students in the US and do a Random Act of Kindness for someone else. Christmas is the season of giving, and whether you’re giving to Toys for Tots, putting spare change in the Salvation Army buckets, or helping stock a food bank, every bit of kindness helps to bring a smile to someone else during the holidays.

Binge watch Christmas movies. 

*Not actual footage of us watching Christmas movies. HAHA

Every year, we plan one Saturday where we do NOTHING but sit and watch our favorite movies. From classics like A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol to Elf and Love Actually, we much on Christmas cookies and enjoy our lazy day together. (I also love binge watching Hallmark Christmas Movies with my Mama!)

Make a Christmas recipe. 


 I love cooking and baking especially during the holidays! Start practicing recipes early, so you can have them perfected before your big holiday feast! My favorite resources for new holiday recipes are blogs and Pinterest. Check back here later this month, and you just may find a recipe or two to try.

Celebrate Christmas with those you love most. 


Alright friends. I’m heading off to finish up this Never Ending, Absolutely Crappy, Insanely Snowy, Monday that I’m having. Here’s to hoping I don’t end up drowning in snow or something like that.

I’m back tomorrow with a DIY that you won’t want to miss!




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