Weekend Round Up

GUYS. It’s December! You know what that means?!

Yup. I’m in FULL ON Christmas mode! I’ve spent this weekend kicking off the Christmas season in my favorite way! We headed up to Manistee for The Sleighbell Parade and Old Christmas weekend. Our weekend went by WAY to freakin’ fast. And it’s just so not okay!

Our weekend started on Friday night after I got out of work. I actually got done at a really decent time! We still got stuck in the oh so lovely rush hour traffic that turns 275 into a parking lot, but we made it safe and sound to Northern Michigan before 10:00! However, we’re #old and we went straight to bed after visiting with my parents for a few minutes. And of course snuggling Jacksy Cat! He spent the week up here, and our place was SO QUIET without him running around it!

Saturday morning, we were up early to enjoy all things Sleighbell!


Our morning started with fresh out the oven treats from The Bakehouse. My favorite thing in the world are her Blueberry Raspberry Scones! I think it took me a total of 3 seconds to eat the entire thing! HAHA


After breakfast, we headed downtown to try and take a few pictures for Trev’s mom. She requested Holiday photos for her Christmas card. I was SO not in the mood to take pictures, and hated how every single one turned out. However, my mood quickly turned around with a stop at TJs for lunch! I know that if you’ve ever read one of these Weekend Round Ups, you know that TJs is my favorite! I of course had my Cubano, and of course ate the entire thing!


After lunch, we did a little shopping around town, took a walk on the beach and stopped by a few of the Sleighbell events before heading to visit my Grandparents!


Before we knew it, we were bundling up and heading back downtown to get our Sleighbell on!


We had hot cocoa, ate roasted chestnuts (I literally try one every year, and every year I hate them), and visited with family and friends as we waited for the parade!

Goody’s has the best Hot Cocoa!
One of my very best friends from Elementary School! How cute is she in her Victorian Outfit?!
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!
Ready to try his!

The best part of the parade is at the end, everyone follows the massive tree down to the end of River Street to watch it get lit. It’s just so dang pretty!

Following the tree down River Street!


After the tree lighting, we grabbed some Chow’s (Chinese takeout) and snuggled in at home for Christmas movies.

This morning, we were up bright and early to have breakfast at my other Grandma and Grandpa’s! My dad made a KILLER french toast bake. I’ll be sharing it with you later on, because it was so dang yummy!

After breakfast we packed up and headed back to Detroit. Our time Up North always flies by, and it’s always way too short! When we got home, it was time for normal adulting. AKA watching our money fly out the window in the form of bills, groceries and nothing fun.


I hope you all had as wonderful of a weekend as we did! I’m back tomorrow to start a week of Gift Guides! EEEK! I’m so excited! Be sure you’re subscribed so your gift guides are delivered to your inbox as soon as they are posted!

Have a fantastic rest of your Sunday, loves!


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