Weekend Round Up + 5 Random Things

… you guys. I TOTALLY forgot that yesterday was Sunday, and that I needed to get my Weekend Round Up up! Oops. I got distracted with babies, arts and crafts and Christmas decorations. #sueme

So, since I didn’t tell you about my weekend, I figured I should do that today!

We spent our weekend with Trev’s family for an early Thanksgiving. We headed downstate on Friday night after we got out of work. I was so busy all week, that I hadn’t even packed yet by 6 pm on Friday. Oops. Luckily, I have THE most patient husband in the world, and he helped me pack up after work and didn’t get mad that I wasn’t ready to go yet. We didn’t make it down to Blissfield until late. So our night consisted of snuggling up on the couch and watching ID TV with Trev’s mom.

Saturday, we woke up and started cooking for Thanksgivng! My mother in law didn’t want to do Turkey, since everyone would be having turkey later this week. So we spent some serious time listening to Taylor Swift cutting up veggies, and prepping Chicken Cacciatore, mashed potatoes, rolls and Stupid Salad. (I’m just now realized I’ve never shared this on the blog, and I’m totally going to have to soon!)

We of course, were missing a few things. So we Trev and I drove down to Toledo to pick up our missing items. While we were there, we stopped by Target and y’all. I hit the Target Dollar Spot Jackpot! Eeek! I just love all the seasonal items they have for so dang cheap!

The rest of the afternoon was filled with eating, family and me being a baby hog. Which is why I have zero pictures from the weekend that aren’t selfies of me and my niece.


She loves her Uncle Trev! Look at that smile!


IMG_6422.jpgIMG_6409.jpgOn Sunday, we woke up and had some breakfast with the family before heading home. We had some errands to run, crafts to make, and Christmas decorating to do! I know… Thanksgiving isn’t here yet, but I totally like to have our house decorated BEFORE we leave for Thanksgiving so it’s festive when we get home!

We headed to the grocery store and Dollar Tree to pick up a few last minute things for our DIYs. (You’ll see an AWESOME Dollar Tree DIY later this Christmas season!)

When we got home, we turned on Christmas music, made some chocolate chip cookies and made our apartment actually look kind of pretty. I just love Christmas so much!




We also made a HILARIOUS trophy for Trev’s Lax girls who are having a fun tournament on their last day of lifting before Thanksgiving break.


Then, we snuggled in to catch up on our shows and head to bed before we got this week started!

Now, I totally have 5 random things I want to share! (I’m just feeling really chatty today!)

  1. I’ve been so anxious and upset the last few weeks. I was told I’d have Friday off from work awhile ago, and then all the sudden, I was told I might not. I’ve been so upset thinking I wouldn’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving. I found out 20 minutes ago I officially have Friday off again and I’m so thrilled! There’s nothing like heading home for the Holidays!
  2. I’m SO pumped for the DWTS finale tonight and tomorrow! I just love Jordan and Lindsay so much. And she really deserves to get a mirror ball finally. You can bet I’ll be using all my votes for them!
  3. Another TV show I’m super excited about?! Fixer Upper comes back tomorrow night! I freakin’ love Fixer Upper. And it’s super bitter sweet that it’s the last season. But you can bet, I’ll be sitting down with my notebook and taking notes and drawing sketches for some inspiration for when Trev and I finally buy a house!
  4. Shutterfly is having some seriously awesome sales right now! If you’re looking to get your Christmas Cards printed, now is the time to do it! Not only will you get a great discount, but you can get free address labels too! Ours just came in and I can’t wait to share them with you! Speaking of Christmas…
  5. It’s almost December which means an entire month of Christmas inspired posts on Savannah Said It! I’ve been having so much fun getting them ready for you! From DIYS to Gift Guides, Recipes to Family Traditions, you seriously aren’t going to want to miss what’s coming at you this December! If you’re not subscribed, be sure you do before you leave! It’s super simple. Just type in your email address and my posts will be delivered to you as soon as I post!

Alright my loves. I’m sorry for this totally random post! Tomorrow I’ll be back for Travel Tuesday!


PS… Please keep my mother in law in your thoughts and prayers today! She had to get her gall bladder out today! 

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