Conkles Hollow

Hi Guys! Happy Travel Tuesday! I hope you actually clicked on this one and didn’t think I’m taking today to write about Cankles. Because that’s literally what I think every time I see the words “Conkles”. HAHA

I promise. Cankles are sooo not we’re talking about today on Savannah Said It! Today, it’s another “hike” in the Hocking Hills! Our most recent trip to The Hocking Hills was our first time to Conkles Hollow and OH.EM.GEE. Guys. This place is SO COOL.

Conkles Hollow isn’t one of the most visited spots in the park. Why? Because people see that it’s a 2.5 mile hike. But in reality, it’s just the Rim Trail that is that long. While I’m sure the Rim is STUNNING in the fall (I’ve seen pictures!) it’s the Gorge Trail that really has the wow factor if you ask me. And guess what?! The Gorge Trail is not only super short, but it’s paved. #Winning

The Hike

While more of a hike than Ash Cave, this really isn’t a hike. It’s more of a nice little walk. Online, it says it’s a mile. But I have to believe that it’s a mile round trip. Because this hike is super quick and easy.

Just like Ash Cave, when you begin the trail, you have your two options. Again, I’ve never hiked the Rim Trail of this one, but I highly recommend The Gorge!

The Gorge trail is easy peasy. You literally can’t get lost, as it’s paved. (It’s also handicap accessible!) Not only is The Gorge Trail a super easy trail to navigate, but the walk back is absolutely gorgeous.

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re on a whole different planet, or maybe just lost in the place where those little rock things in Frozen probably live, this trail is for you. Vertical cliffs shoot high above you, while the valley floor is covered in wildflowers and ferns. You wander along a little creek and every turn is a little bit magical. Instead of trying to come up with the right words, I think I’m going to let my photos do the talking…


Magical, right?! Don’t even pretend like you don’t want to hike this now!

Getting There

Conkles Hollow isn’t quite as easy to find as some of the other attractions… but don’t worry. It is still pretty well marked! That being said, I would screen shot directions to and from Conkles Hollow before you lose service. Trev and I did out “best guess” on how to get home and luckily, it worked out. But I would be sure you have screenshots or a map along with you for this one! You can just type in Conkles Hollow to your Google Maps and it won’t lead you astray!

Tips and Tricks 

  • Don’t fret about arriving early! This one isn’t as popular as a lot of the other hikes, and although it may be a bit crowded, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a spot to park and fighting your way down the trail.
  • There are bathrooms! If you have to use the bathroom, they have them here.
  • Bring your fur baby. Pups are allowed, but they have to be on a leash.
  • Keep in mind… this one is kind of out of the way of everything else! We chose to hit this one up as a “last stop” before heading into Logan for lunch. (Ugh. I could TOTALLY use some Millstone BBQ rn!)

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Okay. Before I go I’ve GOT to talk about DWTS last night! OMG. How amazing was Jordan Fisher?! You guys, Imma be so upset if him and Lindsay don’t win it all. That trio was easily my favorite trio I’ve ever seen on this show. And I’ve been watching for years! If you missed it, click here. You’ve gotta check it out!

Alright guys. I’m off to finish up my work day. Fingers crossed the rest of the day flies by! I’ll be back tomorrow with the $1 Wedding DIY you literally can’t miss. (Seriously. It only costs $1!!)

I’ll talk to you all then!



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