10 Things

Hey love bugs! Happy Thursday! I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend. I’m seriously sitting here counting down the minutes until Saturday! I’m sooooo excited to meet my family in GR for girls day! We’re seeing Wicked! Eeeeeek!

Alright friends. I’m going to be real honest with you. I’ve started four different posts this morning and all of them are the worst. I’m in a really strange mood today and just can’t seem get out of it. So instead of the 5 random posts I started writing, and put aside for later, I’m going to share 10 Things today. Just 10 Things I’ve been loving/thinking about/excited about this week. So, here we go!

  1. I was ready for Fall weather to be here last week, but now it’s super cold and I had to wear my winter jacket yesterday and I’m SO over the cold weather already.
  2. It’s almost Halloween! I’ve got to finish getting my costume together this week. No… we aren’t going out and doing anything fun. I’m dressing up for work. My costume? If You Give A Mouse a Cookie! (It’s my preschooler’s favorite book rn!) I gotta make my mouse ears this weekend!
  3. I had to get a new phone case and it came in yesterday and I’m just all sorts of not happy about it. The last 3 years, I’ve bought all my phone cases from Scarlet and Gold Shop. They’re literally the most beautiful cases that kept my phone so safe and THEY CLOSED THEIR SHOP. And I didn’t no this was happening, went to order my new case and found out and everything is sold out and you can’t get them anymore and I was just so distraught. (If you know me personally, you know I’m not too good with change and this really threw me off!) And so I spent two months looking for a phone case that was just as pretty and perfect and couldn’t find one. It came to the point that Trevor told me if I didn’t pick one he was going to order me one because my case starting to fall apart. SO I picked a plain white Otter Box with a pretty Pop Socket and I’m just really missing my old, beautiful phone case. (SO DRAMATIC. I know.)
  4. All my Fall TV shows are so on point rn. Like seriously. I’m watching Riverdale as I type this and screaming at my TV because I thought they were going to kill Barb like they did on Stranger Things and y’all. BARB DESERVES BETTER. (Don’t worry. Our Handsome Hero Archie saved her.)
  5. Speaking of Stranger Things… it comes back TOMORROW! Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow night after work?
  6. We got a new rug! I LOVE it. If you love the look of Joanna Gaines’ rugs but can’t afford the price tag, you’ll love it too! It’s really soft, and totally brightens up our living room. And it’s a really great price! Check it out, here. We picked the Slate Gray and it’s a little bit more blue than I expected, but it’s really beautiful. I’d take a picture, but we have a SUPER ugly coffee table right now that I refuse to take photos of for the blog. (We’ve got a Coffee Table DIY in the works that you’ll see at some point in early 2018… if not before!)
  7. I’ve started planning blog posts for the rest of the year! I’m weird and love to sit down with pretty little calendar print outs and plan away. What kind of posts are you hoping to see in November and December?! I’d love some input! Leave your thoughts below in the comments 🙂
  8. Speaking of future blog posts, I got contacted about a blog post that you’ll see in a couple of weeks (just in time for Thanksgiving!) that I’m SUPER excited about! I think you’ll all really love it.
  9. I’ve been really loving listening to Podcasts lately! If you’re Bachelor fans like me, you have GOT to listen to The Ben and Ashely I. Almost Famous Podcast. It’s so good! I listen to it every morning on my way to work and laugh hysterically 90% of the time. It helps put me in a great mood to start my day!
  10. I mentioned this one above but… I’m so pumped for Wicked!!!! I can’t wait to tell you all about on it Sunday 🙂

Alright friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It’s supposed to be cold and rainy (possibly SNOWY OMG) here. So I hope that the weather where you are is MUCH better. I’ll be back on Sunday with a weekend round up!


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