Rare Bird Brewpub

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you’re conquering this day unlike me who is trudging through it like this…


and I haven’t even left my house yet. Ugh. Monday’s are the worst. Especially after you’ve had a really awesome weekend.

Speaking of a really awesome weekend… I went to one of the coolest brew pubs I’ve ever been to on Saturday, and I literally could not wait to share it with all of you!

The streets of Downtown Traverse City (my vote for favorite Michigan city, TBH) are filled with so many amazing places to eat some food or grab a drink with family friends. In a city that loves it’s craft brews almost as much as cherries and wine, and does them all equally as good, it can be tough to pick just the right place that everyone will love.

Well my friends, look no further. Rare Bird Brewpub is here. And it’s everything you want it to be an more.

Situated right next door to the best breakfast place around (Patisseraie Amie) in a beautiful old red brick building, you can belly up to the bar, cozy up on a couch that feels like it’s MADE just for you, or gather around a live edge table (more on that later). Wherever you choose, you can be certain you’ll feel right at home… whether you’re next to those you love most, locals, tourists or Matthew McConaughey. (Not joking. He visited in March.)

If you’ve read this blog before, you know Trev and I love a good craft beer. So when my Dad suggested we try Rare Bird this weekend, we were so excited!


The vibe is right from the second you step into the brewpub. It’s trendy with it’s rustic/industrial/modern/pub decor mix, but rooted deep with it’s Up North roots. From the tables made of a single Cottonwood tree that once grew tall on M22 to the apple crates (not pallet boards) that nod towards the building’s heritage as part of the old TC Canning Company, this place is Traverse City through and through.


The best thing about a visit to Rare Bird is the amount of beer you’ll find on tap. While they brew their own beers (they literally do it right in the brewpub) they also offer a wide variety of your favorite Michigan brews and hard to find craft brews from across the US. With 35 brews on tap, plenty of bottles and a full bar, you’re literally guaranteed to find something you like.


You can grab a flight, or make your way through the list one pint at a time. (We chose the later!) We tried the Schmamber Amber, Blood Orange You Witty and a Va Ja Ha… which just so happened to be the Pour for More beer while we were there.


What exactly is Pour for More? It’s a nonprofit that was started right at Rare Bird, with the idea of connecting the beer lovers of Northern Michigan with opportunities to support local nonprofits. Every month, a new charity is selected, and $1 from every pint sold goes directly to the nonprofit. Pretty awesome… right?!

And while you might be stopping at Rare Bird for the beer, you might as well get some food while you’re there! I’m going to be totally honest here. The food is good. But it’s not the best food you’ll find in Traverse. (So if you are strictly a foodie, and not in it for the atmosphere or beer, I’d try somewhere a whole lot fancier.) That being said…


I highly recommend the Pretzel Sticks for your appetizer (so good!) and the wings! I ordered the buffalo, which were super yummy! Trev had the buffalo chicken sandwich (which he liked, but thought there was way more bun than chicken), my mom ordered the burger (a really good burger!) and my dad had the pork belly tacos. We all really enjoyed our food.

Learn more about Rare Bird Brewpub here. I highly recommend reading their story here! Check out their events calendar here and learn more about TC Beer Week (November 10-17th) , which they will be participating in, here.

Alright friends. I’m off to start my day. Let’s hope it goes by quickly, because all I can think about is crawling back in bed and watching some DWTS with Trev. 🙂 I’m back tomorrow with another Travel Tuesday post!



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