Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday Loves! Guess what?! I’m writing to you today from a BRAND NEW MacBook Pro! It was time for me to get a new one… my last one lasted me for 7 years. (If you’re not on the Apple train yet. You should be. 7 years for a laptop?! Talk about incredible.) And holy smokes do I love my new MacBook! :))))

You guys. I had the most PERFECT weekend. Do you ever have those weekends that are just so good that when Sunday afternoon rolls around you just feel sad and like you want to cry? That’s me rn. My weekend was just that good, and totally what I needed.

Well, to be fair, it didn’t start out so great… we had to say goodbye to my Great Aunt Mary. She was an absolutely amazing lady. She told the greatest stories, put her family before anything else and she honestly was one of the funniest people I have ever met. I loved listening to her tell stories, and can still hear her laughing her way through them. She always knew how to make you smile. Our world is a little less joyous without her in it.

Saying goodbyes is never easy, and this weekend was no exception. But, in true Aunt Mary fashion, she made sure to brighten up our sorrows with some serious sunshine. I have no doubt she made sure that all of us that traveled far to say goodbye to her had an absolutely gorgeous weekend to enjoy with our families.

We made it home really late on Thursday night after Trev and I both got out of work. We woke up Friday and headed to the funeral. We cried, we laughed, and enjoyed lunch with our absolutely massive family.

After the luncheon, we walked outside to find an absolutely insanely gorgeous October day. It was 75 and sunny! Talk about completely unheard of for October in Michigan. We changed our clothes, grabbed our sand pails, and headed to the beach to do some rock hunting. We found tons of beach glass and Petoskey stones! It honestly felt like summer. The only thing that kept reminding me of fall? Finding colorful leaves rolling across the sand.

After the beach, we headed to dinner at (of course) TJ’s Pub! After dinner, we headed to my Grandparent’s for a visit and then to catch the sunset and some star gazing on the beach.

Saturday, we slept in and headed up to Traverse City for the day. We did some shopping and tried out a really awesome new (to us) brewery for lunch! Don’t worry… I took TONS of pictures, to share this new place with all of you! Check back TOMORROW to find out where we ate, and why you should make plans to eat there ASAP too. (Or subscribe before you leave! It’s super simple. Add your e-mail, click submit, and BOOM. My daily posts will arrive in your inbox as soon as they’re posted.)

When we got home from TC, we headed over to my other Grandparent’s house for a cookout and bonfire. It was such a gorgeous night! Our food tasted like summer, but our drinks tasted like fall. Fall is my favorite time of year for a bonfire. I was so happy to spend some time sitting around one with my family this weekend!

Today, my dad and I made pancakes for breakfast before Trev and I packed up and headed out. Now, I’m writing to you from the front seat of our Jeep as we’re flying down 96 towards Detroit.

Every mile closer we get to our apartment, I’m getting sadder that our weekend is all but over. While heading home for the weekend was unexpected and for a truly sad event, someone up there knew that I needed a break from the daily grind to be home surrounded by those I love most. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to take on this super busy week ahead of me. And I’m also counting down the days until next weekend, when I meet my family in Grand Rapids for our girls trip to see Wicked!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too! I’ll be back tomorrow.


October Beach Days are the best Beach Days. 
Dad and I hunting for rocks!
Love my Momma! (PS… this is a v. rare photo. She usually doesn’t pose for the camera!)
Happy this guy could come along!
The Fall is the best time to find Petoskey stones! The Fudgies have all left, so they aren’t over picked! Plus, the bigger waves bring them to shore 🙂 
Spending Sweetest Day with my Sweetheart 
My Aunt made Carmel Apple Sangria. OMG. It was SO.GOOD.
Fall fires at Grandpa’s. 

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