Why You Should Invite Kids to Your Wedding

You guys. I was just trolling Pinterest last night and I read the craziest article! It was all about how you shouldn’t have kids in your wedding, and all of these reasons why.

Let me just start out by saying… I get it. Kids complicate a lot of things. Adults want a night to themselves, you have to plan extra things for little ones, they can be loud, etc.  However, I’m here to make a case for having kids at your wedding. Because I think having kids in/at your wedding kind of rocks.
Kids bring so much extra joy to any event, and weddings are no exception.
Flower Girls are the best. No joke. I had a Flower Girl and 4 Garland Girls and they were so much fun! We had THE BEST time getting ready in the morning. Kids always bring so much life to the room. Their energy is contagious. They’ll dance around and sing Taylor Swift with you, tell you ridiculous jokes, and you’ll totally forget about how nervous you might be because you’re having so much fun.
These girls are the best. 
They bring the cute factor. I’m all about the cute factor at weddings. And kids bring it 110%. There is nothing sweeter than little boys in bow ties and girls in pretty dresses. Weddings can become unintentionally stuffy or intense. Kids help to alleviate that.
I mean… SO CUTE. 
They’ll make you feel SO confident. Like seriously. They will absolutely adore everything you do. They’ll love your hair, they’ll watch you do your makeup, they’ll tell you you’re pretty a billion times. Kids are so good for your ego. And on a day when you’re a bundle of nerves, you’ll love having the constant reassurance.
I mean… you can’t tell me you don’t want this kind of reaction the first time anyone sees you in your wedding dress 🙂
They’ll be the first ones on the dance floor. Which is great… because it takes awhile for alcohol to kick in, and you know sober adults don’t want to be the first one out on the floor. They’ll literally get the party started.
Their guest book entries are hysterical. Like seriously. They’ll make you LOL maybe even more than what your drunk friends wrote.
They bring the fun. Seriously… instead of standing there waiting for our ceremony to start being all nervous, we limboed.
They LOVE weddings. Sometimes, you might have a friend that has been totally jaded by love. And without meaning to, they may bring that jadedness with them into their role as bridesmaids. Kids don’t have this. They LOVE love. And being at a wedding is literally the highlight of their summer/fall/winter/spring. They’ll be SO EXCITED about every little thing from the flowers to the music, the food to the favors. You don’t have to worry about them judging you like your Great Aunt Twice Removed. They’ll think everything is magical.
Now… am I saying that if you choose a Kid Free wedding you’re all wrong? Absolutely not.  It’s a personal choice.
However, I believe that kids make your special day that much better.
Alright guys, no new post tomorrow. I work all day and then I’m heading Up North for the weekend. I wish it was all for fun, but unfortunately we have to say Goodbye to a very special lady 😦
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I hope you get to do something fun and full of Fall! I’ll be back on Sunday with a weekend round up!

3 thoughts on “Why You Should Invite Kids to Your Wedding

  1. I ❤ this! You made our girls feel like princesses on your day! They still talk about how much fun they had all weekend with you & Trevor! ❤❤


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