5 Colors Tours to Take This Fall

You guys. I’m worried. Is it possible that this Fall we won’t see the typical gorgeous colors we’ve become so accustomed to in NoMi?! Our weather has been SO STRANGE this fall. Like really really hot, then really really cold then back to hot all over again. I mean, we’re pushing 75 this week and we’re more than half way through October. I’ve been waiting and waiting to share my favorite Color Tours in Michigan with you until you know, we were close to peak. But we’re almost to Halloween and most of Michigan is only between 30-50% color.

So, instead of posting with pretty new Fall photos, I’m digging through my archives to find my favorite Fall Foliage pictures from the last couple of years. So just know… these leaves are NOT currently these colors! Check the Fall Foliage Report for exact dates when you can expect to see Peak Colors!


M22. (Manistee to Northport) I don’t know about you… but I’m ALWAYS feelin’ M22. (I hope you sang that like Tay Tay.) My all time favorite Fall Color Tour is M22. I wrote an entire post on this tour last year, and I still stand by everything I said. The Leelanau Peninsula is my favorite place in Michigan, no matter the season. You can find last year’s Fall Color Tour post here, with all sorts of ideas for places to stop, eat, shop and where to find the best views.  Fair Warning… the Best Coast West Coast of Michigan is usually the last to change it’s colors. So if you’re hoping for lots of vibrant reds, yellows and oranges, wait a few more weeks before heading North. (Ps… I write about M22 A LOT on my blog. Click here to see every post I’ve done if you’re looking for some long weekend inspo.)


US 2. (St. Ignace to Naubinway) Okay… if you’ve been with me since June, you know my love/hate relationship with the UP. The sights are gorgeous, but making it to them is the worst. No matter where you go in the UP, you’re guaranteed a long drive filled with nothing but tress. Any other time of the year, I’d say be sure your iPhone is charged and filled with games you don’t need signal/wifi for. But in the Fall… your jaw will drop over the sheer amount of gorgeous, never ending Fall Foliage. Plus, while you’re at it, you can eat at Clyde’s and check out Kitch-iti-kipi. (Click on their names to see my blog posts on two of my favorite things about the UP!)


M 37. (Old Mission Peninsula) I love this one because it’s one of those “minimum effort, maximum outcome” type deals. The Old Mission Peninsula is gorgeous no matter what time of year you visit. But it becomes just a bit more magical every fall when you can see the vineyards backed by vibrant fall colors and the bright blue that is Grand Traverse Bay. Plus, this is basically Traverse City and you’re crazy close to all the yummy places there are to eat! Check out an old post of a few of my favorites, here!


M 119. (The Tunnel of Trees) This one is not for those of you that get Motion Sickness. Seriously. The Tunnel of Trees is gorgeous, but this 20 mile stretch can make you feel totally nauseous if you forget your Dramamine. I haven’t been on this road in ages for this reason alone. This narrow, two lane road, is legit the picture perfect place to celebrate fall. From the interlocking tree branches above you, to the quaint little farm markets, shops and restaurants along the way, you’ll feel like you’re in a Hallmark Fall Harvest movie.


H-58. (Grand Marais to Munising) AKA The Pictured Rocks. Did you see my posts on the Pictured Rocks earlier this summer? No? Click herehere and here. Now imagine all those stunningly beautiful pictures with crazy beautiful fall colors. If you’ve got some vacation time to use up before 2017 ends, take a mini vacation to the UP.


Where are your favorite places to see Fall Colors in Michigan?! I’d love to hear, especially if you’ve got any suggestions in the Metro Detroit area!

I’m off to eat some of the most amazing Cheddar Broccoli Soup I’ve ever tasted and curl up on the couch with Trev to watch some Dancing with the Stars. It’s Disney Night!

Have a wonderful rest of your Monday my loves. I’m back tomorrow with another Hocking Hills post!



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