Hocking Hills

Hey there all you nature/travel lovers! I’m so happy you’re here today because I’m about to share with you on of the Midwest’s best kept secrets! Because contrary to popular belief the Midwest is much more than cornfields filled with pop-drinking, cheese loving, too friendly humans. The Midwest is chalk full of vast lakes, lush forests and just about everything you could need for amazing outdoor adventures.

And while 95% of my favorite things about the Midwest hail from my beloved home state (check out my Mitten Monday posts here), I know that the rest of the Midwest is pretty great too. I mean… we don’t say “Midwest is Best” for nothing 🙂

Deep in forests of South East Ohio, you can find deep gorges, fairytale like bridges, sparkling waterfalls, vast caves, and miles and miles of trails to explore. Today, I put aside my Michigan roots, and my v. strong dislike for OSU and everything “Buckeye” to sing Ohio’s praises (probably the only time ever), and bring you one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets… The Hocking Hills.

I can already read your mind. You’re thinking Hocking Hills? What kind of place is that?! Because that was me a few years ago. I’d never even knew this place existed, and neither did anyone I talked to. My first trip there was a surprise (more on that later) but this trip, as I was doing research online, I realized no one really talks about it, and there really isn’t any posts out there raving about this place. Which made me even more excited to go explore for all of you!

So, in this travel series, it’s my goal to make you fall in love and head to the Hocking Hills this fall (or next summer). Let’s start with the basics… shall we?

The Basics 

Where the heck are The Hocking Hills? You’ll find The Hocking Hills in Southeast Ohio. They call the town of Logan home, but there are many other towns near them that are great too! (Like Lancaster and Laurelville)

What are The Hocking Hills? The Hocking Hills is a deeply dissected area of the Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, primarily in Hocking County, that features cliffs, gorges, rock shelters, and waterfalls.

What can I do in The Hocking Hills? Hiking, exploring, zip lining, ATVing, relaxing, eating, antique shopping, fishing… the possibilities are endless.

How long should you spend in The Hocking Hills? A weekend is the perfect amount of time to explore The Hocking Hills!

Now that the basics are out of the way… let’s talk about the top things to do there!

Top Attractions 

Old Man’s Cave 


Ash Cave


Rock House


Conkles Hallow 


Zip Lining 


But you best believe Trev and I went out and found you some pretty amazing things to see that are off the beaten path… like this:


Can you even believe all these pictures were taken in OHIO?! I can’t… and I took them.

I’m so excited to share everything Hocking Hills with all of you! Over the next few Tuesdays, I’ll be sharing detailed itineraries, tips for navigating the state park, and where to find the best accommodations, food and brews.

So if you’re not subscribed already… do it! You aren’t going to want to miss these posts!

I’m back tomorrow loves! Have a fantastic rest of you Tuesday!


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