A little bit of Fall, A lot bit of Prayers

Good Morning Loves! I’m really trying hard to get a good blog post out for you today, but my head is totally elsewhere. My thoughts and prayers are with Vegas, and everyone that is there today. I’m waiting as patiently as I can to hear from my Dad, who landed in Vegas yesterday afternoon for a week long conference. I know he was staying on the opposite side of the strip, but it still is so scary. The news keeps playing the footage of people sprinting and my heart just keeps breaking a little bit more. I’m thinking of each and every person affected by this, and praying for you all.

My plan for today’s post was my Must Do Color Tours in Michigan this fall. However, the changing leaves are SO SLOW this year! We aren’t even at 30% color in most places yet. So I’m going to wait to post until next week. I just can’t even think about posting about Fall Colors when it’s going to be almost 80 degrees here again!

And as I’m sitting here going through emails I’ve received from you lovely readers, I realize that a lot of you are asking about the things I love to do in the Fall. So I figured, why not link up a few of my posts from last fall today?

Of course, you know I love to cross of my seasonal Bucket Lists! You can find last year’s Fall Bucket List here and here, and this year’s here!


I LOVE heading to Grand Rapids every fall for Art Prize! There is still a week left of this awesome festival, and I’d totally head there if you can before it’s over. You can find my post on why I love Art Prize and what it is here, and more information on this year’s event here.


It’s not Fall if I don’t talk about my love for Apple Cider! Check out my guide to some of my favorite Ciders in the state! Just know, I didn’t choose these for the Orchard and Mills that accompany them. I chose these for the best tasting Cider!


I talked about my absolute favorite color tour in the state last year. Read all about seeing Fall Foliage on M22 here!


Fall is always the time I start prepping for Thanksgiving! You can find my Grandpa’s stuffing recipe here. Make it for your family gatherings this fall and impress everyone with how DELICIOUS it is! It literally doesn’t have any of the gross stuff in it most stuffings do. It’s made with sausage and it’s seriously the only stuffing I will eat.


You can find everything I wrote about last fall here, here, and here. And everything from this September here. I have SO many fun posts coming at you these next two months to celebrate my love of Fall. I promise you won’t want to miss them! If you aren’t subscribed, please do! All it takes is an email, and you’ll get every post delivered to your inbox as soon as I post them!

Tomorrow, I’m taking a break from my Bucket List travel posts, to bring you a whole new destination that you will LOVE and want to go to ASAP! I can’t wait to start sharing it with you.

Have a great Monday everyone!


3 thoughts on “A little bit of Fall, A lot bit of Prayers

  1. Just happen to see your Blog here and came across Fall Color in Michigan. I’ve been told and have seen the Fall colors up there. They can be so colorful, just like here in PA. The Fall color over here has not really started quite yet. I think that it’s a bit too early. There is some color, but it’s very sparse. My area gets’s ablaze with a color close to the last week of October & the first week of November. This is my favorite time of the year. My Pentax & Nikon cameras are always ready for a walk in the Fall colors.

    Winter must be brutal up there! It can get real darn cold over here, also. Winter is not my favorite time, but the one thing about it is the snow. Makes for some pretty Images, even though I just about freeze. Be Well, girl and enjoy yourself.


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    1. Our Fall Color isn’t really here yet either! I’ve been waiting and waiting to post some more Fall Color Tour posts this year because it seems like the Fall Color is never going to come! Winter is pretty brutal brutal here… it’s not quite as bad in Southeast Michigan where we live now… but growing up in Northern Michigan it was always so brutal thanks to the Lake Effect snow!

      Thanks for stopping by Savannah Said It 🙂


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