5 Ways to Stay Chill on Your Wedding Day

Hey, Hey, Hey! How are my best Girl Friends?!


LOL But really. Whenever I write Hey, Hey I think of Leslie Knope Amy Poehler in a pink Juicy Tracksuit. Or the Chicken from Moana.

How is everyone doing this Wednesday?! I’m tired. But feeling like superwoman because I already have dinner in the crock pot. So go me!

Today’s post is going to be a super quick one. On my Big Day, everyone was like “Savannah, how are you so chill right now?” “Savannah how are you not freaking out?” or “Savannah, you are the best bride we’ve worked with. You’re so laid back!” Now, anyone that knows me, knows I’m not the most laid back person ever. I get really anxious. But, I refused to turn into a nervous mess on my big day. I was determined to enjoy it. So for months leading up to my wedding, I put little things into my plans for the day to keep myself chilled out, happy, and focused on the good things that were about to happen. Not the nerves.

So today, my beautiful Bride to Be(s), I’m here to share 5 ways you can chill out on your big day too!

  1. Wake Up Alone. I know… so many brides like to wake up with their bridal party surrounding them. But I chose to spend the night before by myself. I sat in the Jacuzzi tub in my room, and watched Hallmark Channel the night before. And when I woke up the next morning, I sat around with some coffee, and spied on my soon to be hubby and every dude I know getting ready for their golf outing our my window. Having an hour to myself before my mom, MIL, and MOH got there to have breakfast and start our day was just enough “normal” to my day, that I wasn’t freaking out before I even rolled out of bed.
  2. Speaking of Normal… keep some normalcy to your day. Do you start every morning with a cup of coffee and reruns of The Golden Girls? Do you go for a quick run? Maybe you do yoga, take a shower or troll Instagram for a solid 30 minutes. Whatever it is, do it on your Wedding Day. It will help take some of the nerves off, because for just a few minutes, it will feel like a normal day.
  3. Have a Dance Party. I had my maid of honor, all of my little cousins who were in our wedding and two of my other cousins in my room getting ready. We spent the morning doing make up, and dancing around the room to the one and only Taylor Swift. Literally “Shaking Off” my nerves put me in such a good mood!
  4. EAT. Seriously. One bagel isn’t going to make you bloat so bad that you won’t fit into your dress. Girl, you need to eat. Because once your day gets going, you won’t get a chance to until after the ceremony. So have some coffee, grab a bagel (or something that is going to keep you full for awhile!) and force yourself to eat in the morning. I wasn’t hungry, but I ate because I knew I needed too. This is also a great time to make yourself a Mimosa or a Screw Driver to help calm your nerves.
  5. See The Groom. I did an ENTIRE post First Looks and why I think they are so important on your wedding day. And no… it’s not just for the pictures. It seriously will calm your nerves SO MUCH knowing that your Groom is there and just as nervous/excited as you. You can read my reasons for First Looks here. If you’re on the fence about it, I think that post is a must read for you before you make your final decision!

And a bonus tip? Expect the Unexpected. DO NOT expect your day to go exactly as planned. Because it won’t, and it will stress you out so badly. Designate someone not in your bridal party that you trust and knows what decisions you’d want to be made, and give there number to everyone. Mine was my Aunt. If there was any problems that my Day of Coordinator needed to know the answers to, my Aunt was there to handle it.

For all you married ladies out there, what did you do to keep calm on your day? Leave your tips in the comments below to help the Future Mrs. out there!

Enjoy your Wednesday my loves! I’m about to head into work and I’m really worried I might fall over! Because someone called in yesterday… I worked a 12 hour day. I’m seriously only awake right now because I’ve been drinking coffee like a Gilmore.

Oh! And before I forget…. my handsome hubby is back tomorrow with a guest post that you won’t want to miss!


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