Crossing Off My Bucket List: Jackson Hole Part 2

Hello Beautiful Friends! I missed you yesterday! We didn’t do a whole lot for my birthday, because we worked. But that’s okay, because I get to celebrate the next TWO weekends!

Today, we’re heading back to the mountains (which is where I wish I was right now because it is seriously way too hot for it to be September!) for the second half of my Jackson Hole Bucket List! The second half of our trip is where I crossed off some things I had ALWAYS wanted to do, ever since the time I was small! Like with my Banff Bucket List, I truly think that we saved the best for last!

Now, if you Part One of my Jackson Hole Bucket List, click here! If not… let’s continue!

Have A Picnic Surrounded By Mountains


 Heading back into the Canyon. Ugh… this picture makes me swoon. 

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know that I love picnics! I couldn’t wait to hike Cascade Canyon because it was a long hike, and I knew we’d be packing a lunch! I’d always wanted to eat in a place so perfect that it made my food taste better. And well…



The most perfect picnic spot! 

Literally so perfect that it made my PBJ taste better than anything I’ve ever eaten.

See a Real Waterfall


I’d seen waterfalls before, but none that we so big they would take my breath away. I consider Hidden Falls to be the first “real” waterfall I’ve ever seen, because it looked just like how a waterfall should. Big, tall, and rushing! 

See A Moose


 I had a list of 5 Animals I was DYING to see while we were out hiking! The first was a bear. If you’ve read my actual Jackson Hole blogs, you know the story there! (If not, go check out the Cascade Canyon post! HAHA) The next was a moose! We saw a Momma and her baby on our first hike in The Tetons. They were so cute, but didn’t look like Moose because they didn’t have antlers. I was ECSTATIC to see this guy hiking while in Cascade Canyon! The other animals? A buffalo (more on him later) and a Yellow Bellied Marmot. Who after this trip, became one of my favorite animals because they are SO DAMN CUTE. 

Ride In A Covered Wagon


 Thanks for that life goal… Oregon Trail. #90sKid4Lyfe

Eat Like the Cowboys


 More specifically, go to a line dancing feast like on MKA’s How The West Was Fun. But you know, some goals you make when you’re 5 have to be adjusted. So Bar T5’s  Chuckwagon Dinner and Show were a great replacement 🙂

Go to Yellowstone


 Is there any park more of an American Classic? I used to listen to my dad and his brother and sister and parents talk about their Cross Country Road Trip to Yellowstone and I always wanted to take the same road trip they did. I was SO EXCITED when we went to Yellowstone! 

Watch Old Faithful Erupt 


 This should be on every single persons Bucket List. I mean… IT’S OLD FAITHFUL PEOPLE.

See Grand Prismatic 


 Easily one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life. And no… this isn’t a filter. 

Walk With a Buffalo


 Remember how I said I wanted to see a Buffalo?! I HAD ONE WALK RIGHT UP TO ME AND PAST ME AND IT WAS EASILY THE MOST TERRIFYING BUT COOLEST THING EVER! Like my heart probably stopped because I totally didn’t know what to do but he just walked right on past me like “Excuse me I’m on my way to lunch, Sharon.” If you want to see a real life buffalo, Yellowstone is the place to do it! Not only did we see the one that walked by me at Old Faithful, but we got stopped by a heard of buffalo on the road! You can’t even believe how big these guys are. Like seriously, they were as big as my Mom’s Subaru! 

Watch a Mountain Sunset


 Watching the sunset over Mt. Moran was my first Mountain Sunset. But watching it set at the Vermillion Lakes in Banff was my best. 

Go Whitewater Rafting


Just another Bucket List item inspired by Mary Kate and Ashley. Apparently, I should have just went to a Dude Ranch. HAHA But seriously, I wanted to Whitewater Raft like they did on How The West Was Fun SO BAD when I was little, and my mom promised me I could go when I was older. As you can see… I was totally into it. (JK… I really did have so much fun! I was just slightly terrified.)

Visit the Cowboy Bar


 Who doesn’t want to go to the bar from that Clint Eastwood movie?! 

Figure Out Where I Want to Retire 

My future daily drive will look like this.

LOL. I never thought I’d figure out that last one until much later in life. But I fell in love with Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The people, the town, the mountains, the adventure, the beer (I’ve yet to find a simple lager I like more than Snake River’s) is a place that literally calls my name. I can’t wait to go back (hopefully someday soon!)

If Jackson, Wyoming wasn’t on your Bucket List before, I hope it is now! Want to know more about all the things I mentioned above? Check out ALL of my original Jackson Hole posts herehereherehereherehere, here and here.

And if you’re in the mood for some more Bucket List posts, you can find them herehereherehere, here and here.

Enjoy your Tuesday my Loves! I’m stuck at work until 8 tonight. Ugh. So get out and do something fun for me!


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